Localization - and how you can help

Is there a demand for a Hungarian lacalisation? Because I’d be glad to help with that.

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I am really new but i would like to do something for Turkish language. Also for now i don’t know anyone from here playing this game but if there is i would like to communicate.

That isn’t something I’ve heard requested before.

We currently have a couple Turkish translators. Contact ShellyThe3rd in Discord and ask if they need help

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If you want to translate to Arabic, I’m more than happy to do so.

Hello, I’ve found a couple of mistakes in the Czech translation. It’s a great translation overall, there are just some small details that could be further improved. Is there any way I could contact the translators without Discord (because I’m not really comfortable with creating a new account and using yet another chatting app)?

There are some minor errors, problems with capital letters and punctuation and some translations could be a bit better.

Can I have a question first, though? How exactly do the translations work? I mean, sometimes, the same word has to be translated a bit differently for the text to make sense in Czech (because of genus nominis), but it seems the card text is generated from a pool of pre-written words. Is it possible, then, to have a different translation of the same word on two different cards?

By the way, some of the cards that were changed are not re-translated, yet. I haven’t checked which ones, but I know Prophet of the Tides definitely isn’t.