Localization - and how you can help

We’d like to take a moment to thank our recently formed community localization crew, which has helped us completely overhaul all available languages in Faeria and improve our translation quality all around.

French translators
Master: Imperia
Padawans: Sukhurmashu , Haze_88

German translators
Master: Xologrim
Padawans: Chris | Any2Aces, wagshadow

Italian translators
Master: Engywoo

Portuguese translators
Master: Pedroca

Russian translators
Master: shpagZZZa
Padawans: LemurCatta

Spanish translators
Master: causalidad
Padawans: Hawaii , Chrisp

Korean translators
Master: Gravekper

These players have selflessly volunteered to take the time to help improve our translations with great attention to detail, and we cannot express how grateful we are.

We have completely changed the way we involve our community in translation efforts. You may notice our localization boards have been removed from these forums, as that is now an outdated process.

If you are interested in becoming a translator for one of our existing languages, or even in starting the process of translating an entirely new language, please post about it in this thread or message me in Discord, and we can work together to help make Faeria better across the globe.

Thank you!


Hey, I can help with translating to the Polish language.

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I can help with Ukrainian localization.

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Please message me in Discord so I can get your appropriate details.

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If you guys need more help with portuguese (pt-br) translations, I volunteer!

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I can’t add you because I need “four digit tag”. Sorry but I’ve never used Discord before. :slight_smile:

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I can Help in PT-BR too! i wanna make Faeria great in my country!

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discord.gg/faeria !

You’ll see me online as a Community Manager

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I (and other Chinese players) could help with Chinese localization. Either Traditional Chinese (used in Taiwan) or Simplified Chinese (used in China). I lived in Taiwan, but knew lots China players. So I could help with communication with both sides.

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Sounds great :slight_smile:

Message me in Discord and we can talk about it.

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Hello. I’m interested in helping with the Croatian translation, if there’s need for it. :slight_smile:

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While I don’t suppose you’d be interested in translating Faeria into Czech, I’d be more than happy to help with such hypothetical localization.

I personally believe this game deserves to be loved by anyone who likes to think when he plays, no matter what language he speaks. And – last but not the least – getting as many languages as possible might give it another edge to beat the competition and bring more people (I personally don’t know a lot of games translated into Czech in general, so it would likely stand out).

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Hi, I can assist in translating from english into german :slight_smile:

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We actually do have a team of brothers working on a Czech translation right now. Message Arrotanis in our Discord channel to see if they’d like any help.

We have all the German translators we need at this time, but it may change in the future!

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Wow, do you? I must admit I’m quite impressed. I really didn’t expect that. I’m not sure I want to use yet another chatting app, though. At least I don’t want to create an account and then find out there is no use for it, should they not actually need any help.

I wish them good luck then, looking forward to being able to play with some of my friends without having to translate the cards for them (it’s not really fun to play if you know most of the cards your opponent has in his hand at any given moment).

Thank you for the answer.


Hi, any news about polish localization?

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I would like to help translating from english to italian. I know there’s someone already covering this role, but I’ve noticed some little mistakes, so… two heads are better than one, just to be sure everything is right!

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Our polish translator has since stepped down from the role. If you’re interested in helping, please contact Atmaz in Discord.

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Please contact Engywook in Discord and see if he would like any help, then let me know

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