Log files / Deck tracker

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Any plans to make available some log files while playing (like Hearthstone)? So someone can build a deck tracker.

You can card count via log files in HS? Man, that sounds dirty and cheaty.

You can do it with pen and paper honestly, this would just make it easier :stuck_out_tongue:

You can cheat with aimbots and wallhacks, but it would be easier to allow godmode and noclip from console… is NOT an argument for allowing cheats in multiplayer fps games.

Yes, allowing for 3rd party programs to auto-track and calculate your probabilities in the game would make it easier than doing it by hand and in your own head. How is that an argument for including that and not for the opposite?

You can calculate next move in chess much easier with CPU than in your head. Would you say we should replace all chess masters with computers?

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A deck tracker is a contentious subject. It’s very useful, but then if you look at all the top hearthstone streamers, they all use them. While it’s easier for the audience to see the decks if they have a deck tracker displayed, it just becomes pervasive through the whole game. At that point it makes more sense for the company to implement it’s own official decktracker into the game if everyone is going to use it anyway.

Deck tracker its not about cheating or use bots to calculate plays. Its just a way to avoid paper:)

And aimbots are just a way to see you better, sweetheart.

While decktracking tools may be viewed as “ufair” (the advantage provided by them seems to be pretty obvious for me, but I prefer less moral-related adjectives), there’s one type of log that is unlikely to be considered “dirty” even by purists. I’m speaking about logging of pandora drafts and gathering of performance statistics for both pandora and constructed games. Such logs don’t provide immediate advantage, but can help people to analyzie their wins and losses and maybe - to highlight matchups and situations aforementioned people should concentrate their efforts on to improve their skills.