Looking for friends


No matter how needy does my “topic” sound I do wish to find someone in this game with whom I can chat, play against, discuss cards etc… So if any of you would like to be friends, do add me in the game not sure if the IGN is the same to all but mine is the same so it’s NationalArmy.

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Hi NationalArmy,
I’ve got you added now, but in game friend interaction is a bit limited at the moment but I’m sure it will be built upon very soon.

There is also a great chat area in the “Discord” app. They have desktop and web versions, and probably mobile versions too, I’ll need to go check. You can get started with this by looking at the friend list from the in game main page of Faeria at the bottom left. There should be a “Join Discord” button which will handle the easy process from there. You can find out all the latest goss and whats happening in the community, and get links to decks and guides.

Any newbie (level 4 or maybe 5 and under) landing here and wanting some free packs, there’s a “find a friend scheme”. If you add someone onto your friends list and right click the name and set them as recruiter, you will get some extra free packs and Pandora coins as you level up. I’m sure more people will add their names as a wannabe recruiters, but my in game name is: Sponge if you want to add me.

Good luck with the Faeria experience, and have fun!


I do know that, I checked it out, got ignored pretty hard so I left… and that’s why I’m posting this.

I added you, but thing is, you can’t really chat outside of a friend-lobby ingame.
I recommend to try discord again (most of the time activity is great there). And you still can pm people in discord as well. So if you want to chat, you can also pm me in discord (when I’m online).