Lord of Terror needs to be nerfed

Nerf it to 1 damage every time it takes damage. It is beyond broken atm.

Why not ?

But opening a topic for just that one particular card, without giving any context (“beyond broken” ? could you elaborate on that, please ? ^^), isn’t a good idea to my mind (I don’t say that to offend you). Perhaps you could discuss that point on the “balance” chanel of the official Discord first, then eventually create a new topic here with more developed argumentation ?

With just this laconic sentence, your post is likely to be drowned among all the other posts, and it can’t neither encourage people to discuss with you on that point (because they don’t have enough information to forge themselves an opinion about your phrase) nor making the developers team to follow your wish.

I don’t disagree with you, but I need more explanations before being able to discuss with you about your idea ^^ :yak:

P.S. Sorry for my bad english…

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I would like to see Lord of Terror to stay the way he is. If they made any changes to the card giving it one damage instead of two as well as combat combined with the taking damage effect would be the only acceptable change.

Out of about 10 games played at rank ~13 today, I have faced one deck that doesn’t have lord of terror in it.

That’s pretty crazy. Is it because of yesterday’s tournament? I’m at the point where I fall off my chair if I don’t see a mountain in the first few turns.

Same today. Everyone I’ve played against today is red. What gives people? Is that really your idea of fun? Red vs red all day every day?

I just won against a LoT deck with 3x tiki healers. I should not need 3x tiki healers to beat this deck. Also they’re soft counters at best because of the low attack. If I had been playing any other desk I would have lost, every time, that’s not fun.

LoT should only trigger when enemy deals him damage; it’s far too easy right now to damage your own cards.

I played vs a LoT hand … they attack it themselves repeatedly with famine and the like, dealing vast damage across the board and to orb.

I use high HP creatures and also Last Nightmare… so somehow I manage to generally beat these decks.

You’ve got to have a really good hand to do it, though.

He has been nerfed!

“nerfed” is an understatement. The only thing left the same is the name. It’s basically a new card

If by new you mean useless then yes, yes it is.

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Yeah, it’s roll is now completely different. But Doomsday, dang that card got hit hard.