Lord of Terror OTK?

Have no one tried to utilise this card to setup for OTK, or is it not effective?

The conditions would be:

  • have a 10 attack creature which can hit the enemy orb, doesn’t matter from where, preferably directly adjecent or 1 tile away from enemy orb. Alternatively, have a creature with 7+ attack but also additional mana to cast Flame Burst.
  • have alive LoT, doesn’t matter where or with what stats, could be with 1 life, use him for mana collection somewhere
  • have a forest near the enemy orb for a teleport
  • have enough mana for grovecaller

So, the creature hits the enemy orb, if you have feed the forest you can feed it for mana since you won’t need it anymore, cast any direct damage spells on the orb, teleport LoT for attack and kill the opponent, since LoT just gained 10 attack from the hit of the first creature and any other direct damage done to the orb.

Alternatively, instead use BR deck with Snowstorm lancers. They are easy to setup for 10+ damage, which can be done by just playing some mobility cards. This won’t work though if the enemy completely blocked the orb from all sides by lands. However! Triton Banquet gives LoT 1 more tile of reach, and also will buff the Lancer.