Magda & Feed the Forest combo

I think the main problem of the Magda and Feed the Forest combo is that it is not interactive. There is almost no ways for players to counter it, other than trying to stay away from opponent’s lands, which is almost always not feasible.

I like the effect of both FtF and Magda and don’t think they should be changed completely.

The best way to fix the combo (and other Magda + sacrifice combos) is to change the Magda’s effect to gain control of the creature at the end of your turn. This way you couldn’t sacrifice the creature the turn you cast Magda, otherwise nothing would change much.

This would still make the combo possible (on the following turns), but would allow for a reaction from the opponent. Magda still would be strong, as there can be a lot of cases when she still would be usable.

Also, I saw a lot of matches where she would actually have more value when used as intended, but players tend to wait for the full combo just for the removal effect instead of thinking how to utilize Magda in other ways.

you can play around it by not giving all your power to one creature - if there are multiple equally strong creatures Magda+FtF is A LOT weaker - it’s best if the opponent isn’t playing around it to deny maximum value…

The problem is that even without keeping all the buffs to one creatures the combo is too feasible — even killing a simple creature with 6 health would mean spending just 2 mana and gaining one 0/2 creature.

And in Green vs. Green matchups it is often really hard not to have at least one really big creature. And who draws Magda+FtF in that matchup often gains too big of an advantage.

Maybe i’m missing something, … if one couldn’t target the creature you took control of with events…? Problem solved?

edit: I missed something. That would be non interactive card design …which is implemented in other card games, and is a stupid idea.

Yeah, also that would be introducing a new mechanic, and would have virtually the same effect + would make a creature stronger overall.

Anyway, developers are reworking the Magda now, so I don’t think any of our suggestions would be useful now :slight_smile: