Magda, Queen of Unbalance

So what is Magda? 4 mana minion with 0\3 stats? Yeah looks pretty sad from this point of view if not freaking ADD LEGENDARY EVERY TURN, and make em cost 2 LESS. Dear developers, may i ask you wtf is this? Is there any person among you(or on this planet) who can look at this card and say “yup,this looks balanced”? Im not gona even give like hard analysis or maths because problem with this card is kinda obvious-she placed at start of the game and if you cant remove her in like 2 turns yeah gg eze. And even if you can its still tempo loss.

Like realy guys, there is some hard cards but they at least have high mana value, so if you control field you can deal with em even without removals or other big minions. So yeah how about make her like 7 mana(at least 7 mana jesus christ, 4 mana creature witch give you legendary every turn omgwtf…),and make this balance change i dont know… Today?

Because realy i understand what this game have some balance issues, but this is just beyond ridiculous.

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Magda is actually considered a pretty weak card in constructed, hardly ever used in a competitive level.
There are multiple reasons for this:

  • There is a chance you get a legendary you cant play (lands)
  • There is a chance you get a legendary that you dont want to play (orosei)
  • There is a chance you get a legendary that is bad (most of them)
  • There is a chance Magda makes you lose cards (she generates cards you cant play -> you will overdraw)

The cost reduction to legendary cards is very powerfull though :slight_smile:

And in Pandora she can be really strong!


Oh yeah if you bought all cards in constructed and ur not green fan and you have long rage removals,and enemy cant protect her than yeah pretty balanced.

In all other situations its not. Dude i won match in pandora as pure green without any legendary cards vs guy who had: Orosei, Magnus and Krog. And then i had to wreck my run just because of one card instaplayed on 1st turn by enemy. She dont have any limitations and have price to be played in any situation on any turn. For card wich give you legendary card every turn its not fcking balanced. Not even close.

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As I said, in Pandora she is strong :slight_smile:

This game is still in Early Access and Pandora has just recently been implemented and they are still working on it. I think the main focus of balance will always be constructed play since the devs aim to create a highly competitive E-sports title, and Pandora in its current state is more of a casual/fun format.

I might be wrong! Time will tell!

Any deck can easily kill Magda with a Punishment. I’ve never had trouble with her in constructed, even though I don’t have a full collection. I’ve almost always killed her before she did anything useful. She has low stats, which makes her easy to kill.

I only remember her doing anything useful once in constructed, when the opponent played a Ruunin via Magda. She still didn’t feel overpowered even in that match.

She can be really tough in Pandora, but that mode is pretty unbalanced in general. She’s still not unbeatable or anything. Her draws are random and unreliable in Pandora too.

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tbh I think her cost is a little low also compared with other legendary’s at the same mana cost and what they do.

You have to consider, also, the fact that its only a 30 card deck. If you completely mulligan, you have a 1 in 5 chance to draw her. At the low cost she is, that is a little broken.

I also think that the cost is too low.
If you can’t get rid of her as soon as possible, then theres a big chance that you lose the game. It costs 3 faeria and you have to get rid of it (so you need at least 1 removal for a 3 mana creature, since nobody plays magda in front of a long range creature) otherwise your opponent gets free legendaries every turn (just think of a creature that would be 3 mana and lays 1 special land every turn, its as good as that). Legendaries are not bad cards, thats also why they are legendary. When Magda is played at the start, it gives the player enough time to create the lands needed for the legendaries.

Hi Sandrosan :slight_smile:

This is just my oppinion, but I feel like the following Legendarys are pretty bad to get from Magda:

  • Orosei
  • Auroras Dream
  • Tarum
  • Baron Thulgar (depends on matchup and your deck, it can be good too)
  • Magnus
  • Day of the dragons
  • Ignus
  • Krog
  • Doomgate

The fact that Magda reduces the cost makes them a little bit less bad ofc :slight_smile:

i quit the game because of this card. encountered it several times in battle and pandora. it’s frustrating and unfair. are you supposed to roll over and concede when your opponent plays this?

i also stated to others how this ruins the game and i was ridiculed and told that the card is weak. i don´t care what a handful of vocal ppl who have the full collection, a strong deck and plenty of experience tell me. and i don´t wanna know what even more unfair cards lurk in this game.

i was enthusiastic about this game but i have now removed all my faeria bookmarks and whatnot from my life. have fun.

Wow, what a tilt !
Yes, Magda can win you a game, if you get it early, if your opponent can’t kill it fast enough, if you’re lucky enough to get good or even useful cards out of it … whether in Pandora or constructed.
That’s a lot of ifs, and you discard all the times when it had little to no impact on the game, because it’s a freaking 0/3 for 4 which can be killed by at least half the creatures in the game for free. Not the best of topdecks if you’re in a pinch, right ?
How about trying her yourself, before stating that it’s OP ? You’ll see then that it’s not as useful as you may think, most of the time.

Anyway, I don’t have the Full Collection, I’m not even sure what a strong deck is, and I don’t believe that there are more unfair cards in the game, as there are not many that relies on RNG as a whole (at least, not in the playable range). However, there are certainly a handful of broken cards, at least according to my standards, but that’s another topic. And that’s why the game is still in Early Access, so don’t judge it too fast !

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Hi, I recently got into Faeria and bought the whole collection (Just because I really fell in love with the game). I can tell from what Ive seen (on forum/in-game) that actually this card CAN be really strong but 2 times out of 3 you will draw an useless legendary (Yeah a 0 mana cost 3 desert artifact in Pandora that makes me sac my creature…), I have not seen her in constructed yet but all the deck tech I could find from those considered the best player at this moment showed no use for Magda.

i kept playing (probably because i seem to be lucky with legendaries? 7 in 26 packs.)

but i hate this card.

i was destroyed again today by this even tho i managed to kill it after 2 turns.
i win a lot and no other card seems as unfair in my 28 hours of experience. not even treasures.

magda is broken and the only ppl who will tell everyone this card is weak are those with full collections, being high on the ladder, playing yellow rush decks, outside of pandora, where they don´t encounter it. it destroys games for everyone else.

now let me tell u one more thing that i noticed.

shitting on hs is a sport for the faeria community.

this is hypocritical and pathetic as faeria has lots of random stuff, blatantly rips off all sorts of good design decisions from hs, isn’t nearly as generous in comparison to hs collection building as faeria developers tell u (even tho it seems a little more generous) and legendaries create a much bigger power swing than in hs.

and again. completely demolished by magda. twice again so far today.
“oh u managed to kill magda? well great…i have a several cards more than u now. and they are legendary.
can´t make a comeback? lol this card is so weak noob. no one at god rank plays this.”

Hmmm, I’ve played quite a lot of Pandora games as well (at least 50 since its beginning), and I have yet to encounter a Magda one time. It’s legendary, so it’s not easily draftable. But I do believe it could be quite problematic in this mode (but certainly less than Ruunin or some other strong creatures). As for constructed, well … if you hate Magda so much, why don’t you build your deck accordingly ? Play events that get rid of her (punishment, royal judge, firebomb …), build your lands so that you can get close to her in no time … Magda can’t do anything against a Verduran in her face for instance !

As for HS, well, it’s true that Faeria has taken some things from it (not all good things, though), but HS had also taken things from other games before, they don’t own their gamedesign. Still, it’s a game completely different from HS in the gameplay. And, please, don’t compare the random we can find in Faeria with the random in HS, especially now the shards are gone. Nearly half of the HS cards (made-up stat) have a random effect more or less impacting, and some are simply crazy (I’m looking at you, Yogg-Saron).

And criticizing HS is not a sport for Faeria community, but for any decent CCG around :wink:

i have encountered her twice in pandora. so u are saying she is meta? i have some answers in my constructed deck. it doesn´t matter. her cost is tiny and it spirals out of control immediately. u must get rid of it. this can be difficult and slows u down. “oh u just took steps to deal with her? well i can react to that for a couple turns at least.”

…ok i just read ur last sentence…not wasting time on u. yay u are so cool…i am sure u’ll get lots of cheering for that here.

Cycle unless your play a really slow deck wich try to set in piece some sort of combo, Magda is never the problem, I have played against 1 magda in pandora and 3 in normal game(unranked). I also played with her myself. Thing is most deck play 2-3 color max (unless you play 3whishes) That means that there’s 1 chance 5 at least that you will draw a legendary that is out of your color. Also most of the legendary you can get in neutral are not that much of an impact. Most deck play 2 color so make it realistic:

4 colors + neutral

Neutral has 5 legend
Forest= 4

Total 21 legend. Now you have ,for exemple that you play forest and water, 13 chance on 21 to get a card that is in your color in wich not even half are playable turn 2-3 and even less are actually a ‘‘Wincon’’ or have any type of gramebreaking abillity.

As you can see, despite that fact she CAN make you win (through lucky draw) she is really random therefore is not the best card to have in your constructed deck (Unless playing three whishes ofc). Don’t get me wrong, if you do get lucky you will stomp on your opponent easly, but its like playing coin flip with only 1/3 chance of winning.

  1. No. Just no. Try speak for yourself not for “everyone else”. I have only a F2P account and I’m low in ranking right now, and I will tell you that Magda (pretty slavic name btw. ^^) isn’t too strong. And I hate to play any rush decks - yellow or not.

  2. I have this card in my collection, and I was pretty exited when I found her in my pack, but in practice it turned out that in most decks this card is really useless/not really good. She’s really good only in green deck where you can buff her. In other deck is honestly just “0-3 soft-taunt, draw 1 random legendary”.

  3. Other case is that a lot of ppl concede just when I play this card, totally without reason. List of counters to this card is soooo long…

  4. HS legendaries are just terribly weak cards in most cases. In Faeria legends are exactly these cards which have to be legends - strong cards. And HS is not perfect in any spot so I am glad that Faeria are not going in the same direction as the HS.