Major Things I Hope Are Coming

First off, thanks to the developers and everybody on the Abrakam team for their hard work and creation of an awesome game. Also thank you for incorporating new daily quests that provide shards and packs!

Here’s a list of my ideas and suggestions of what Faeria needs the most to continue to be an excellent game and grow. I have no idea if some of these things are already underway, or if they are specific good reasons (cost, time, other) that these things are already not a reality.

  1. In-game chat and lobbies. Taunts are cool. But a game as neat and dynamic as Faeria should really eventually have chat between players in a match. That, and a general lobby (or 2-4 lobbies of different natures, ie: general, strategy, decks) where players can talk. Discord is an awesome resource but it’s a separate thing and simply because of it’s nature of needing to be installed, won’t be used by all players.

  2. In-game deck and graveyard viewing. This is pretty fundamental. Due to the nature of Faeria, players are going to be changing their decks frequently. Memory is not a skill that we should be testing. Please eventually look to allow players to view the remaining cards within their decks, and cards that are in the “graveyard” of both players. This just is right for a game that wants to be in the e-sport realm and wants to be taken seriously as a competitive, strategic game.

  3. Remove forecasting, or at least in the ranked queue. During a match, you can see what tiles, cards, and units your opponent is hovering over. The ability to pull view cards and mull over your options is again an important part of a strategic, competitive game. While it may indeed be in some ways interesting to try to predict your opponent’s cards and plays and thinking processes based on what they highlight, it really isn’t a skill that we should be testing. Again, at least not in ranked queue, as players should be able to fully view the game and think things through without their opponent knowing their business. Note: both players should be in unranked for forecasting to be enabled, in my opinion.

  4. Eventually, especially if the developers continue to create cards as swingy as they have been, (which isn’t a terrible thing, but I would prefer a slightly slower game and less swingyness, myself) they will probably need to either remove the deck size limit, or better, increase deck size. Alternatively, I would love a format where players come to the game with TWO decks, and choose which to draw from whenever they would draw a card. Another cool option would be a format where after a set number of turns, instead of drawing by default each turn, players could choose to select a specific card from a card pool (nine or so cards, their choice, just like a mini-deck). This sideboard-esque feature would put more cards into the deckbuilding process, and introduce a whole extra layer of strategy to the game.

  5. Remove the orb life cap. Faeria is a game with very strong, very fast decks. Allowing players to gain life beyond their starting 20 would provide a slight bit more of a buffer against this, and would also enable further use of god orb life as a resource.

  6. Player card design competitions. Winners would win gold/shards/packs/limited edition avatars/wells, etc… as well as have one or more of their final designs implemented, with possibly developer tweaks and balancing, coordinated with the winner. A carefully thought-out, fair competition model, and private entries.

Next I want to discuss things that I think would be very awesome, but are not as essential or are less global in nature…

  1. Three player mode would be incredible, as some players and I have already discussed briefly in other threads. I would love a triangle map with direct open lanes of five hexes between all three players. There would be neutral wells equally between each player, slightly towards the center (again, open back lane of five hexes (or more may be necessary) between each player. There would be a triangle of Faeria wells towards the center as well, with each player having one closer to them. This would require a re-working of cards involving enemy wells, as well as many cards affecting “the opponent.” But it would be super crazy fun. Be the last one standing!

  2. Carefully implemented trading between players, in a marketplace lobby. Strict enforcement of spamming offers in non-market lobbies. Trades would probably have to be one-for-one, of the same rarity. Shards and gold trading sounds a little scary to me.

  3. nurf siefer. No seriously please do. As someone who is using the Slam mechanic a lot, I feel that it could be modified to affect just one additional target. Either way, Seifer is one of the most annoying creatures in the game by far. The fact that he gains the attack AND life of killed creatures, and before damage too, is absurd. Especially with as big of a body as he already has. Change Slam, lower his damage, change the priority, do something different. Or, at the very least, give every faction more removal/threat nullifying options, even if they are expensive or limited in some way.

  4. Hire me as a creative director and/or community manager. Thanks!

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  1. In-game chat allows players to send abusive messages, makes the game less safe for children etc.

  2. Most card games test memory. It’s pretty easy to use an external aid for an online game like Faeria, however, so I agree it would be good to have access to an in-game list.

  3. I think this feature adds some strategy and tension. If you feel like you’re giving away too much information, you can take measures to obfuscate it.

  4. So, one deck full of synergy cards and the other full of activators? It’s a fun idea, but cards wouldn’t be balanced for both modes, so I don’t see it happening.

  5. Agree. I also don’t know why it’s capped.

  6. I know another tactical card game that does this with some success, but I feel like Faeria might not have enough cards or a big enough community to be adding community stuff yet.

2b. Card games with trading tend not to do very well. Also, I’ve only been playing for a couple of months, pretty casually and I have all of the commons and rares, most of the epics and half of the legendaries, without paying a cent. There aren’t an enormous number of cards to collect. I have all my favourite cosmetics and enough cards to make a bunch of competitive decks. The only incentive I have to spend any money on the game is that it’s a really nice game. To me, that seems like a pretty good situation.

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Thank you for the response and the critical feedback on my suggestions! Here’s my responses to your responses.

on #1: True, but with moderation and filters and reporting features, I think the benefits for the game far outweigh the disadvantages. If you build a community, players will be more active, and will probably spend more as well.

on #2: Yeah I’m just not down with making players go to lengths to have access to all the information they need to play optimally. We should encourage strategic thinking. There’s so much room in Faeria to make players think, about positioning, what their opponent may do, how to play around that, the possibilities of card draw and random effects.

on #3: I agree, which is why I’d like to see it remain in part of the game, just not in ranked. That said, it creates an awkward situation that hurts both hardcore competitive players, as well as players who are still learning. In order to play optimally right now, you need to not forecast anything, or you need to be possibly bluffing. This limits player’s abilities to consider things and explore cards with their mouse.

on #4: what do you mean, cards wouldn’t be balanced for both modes? Maybe I haven’t fully thought through the implications. And who knows how players would balance the two decks, if we are talking about the same suggestion, I did kinda group several different things together there, whoops. Players might run one mono deck for one deck, and another then another. The sideboard-type thing would no doubt increase counterplay and give a boost to mechanics that are more situational or counter what the opponent is doing. Probably.

on #5 :sunglasses:

on #6 Yeah, I agree, I would have some concerns. Would be a long term feature, absolutely.

on 2b: Yeah, again I agree, would have to be done very carefully. Long-term idea if at all. And dang, TEACH ME! I need them cards still. Or at least, the legendaries.

I don’t agree with the complaints related to the lifetotals. Removing the cap promotes the wrong kind of game-play. Decks that do nothing but stack hp and go for fatigue is something nobody is waiting for. introducing toxic game elements solves nobody’s problem. If rush is to strong, nerf it. Don’t bring back fatigue decks. Pls don’t.

Thanks for the feedback!

We’re not able to respond to every piece of feedback, but we do read everything sent to us and take it into consideration.

Will just touch on one thing:

  • Chat lobbies are not out of the question, it’s just a matter of implementing them before other features. We have the basic functionality now for friend messaging (which is only a month or two old now) - but haven’t had the chance to expand it further.

In some card games, healing is really efficient, which makes it suitable for use in control decks. In Faeria, there isn’t an easy way to heal without sacrificing board control, so decks that run healing are normally playing it hoping to win before the loss of board presence catches up with them eg. because they’re racing for lethal and they’ll be able to close the game if they can survive for one more turn.

It might not be that they’re going to play their Ninja Toad and hit the enemy for 30, it might just be that they’re closing in on a Red Burn player or even that they need one more turn to drop a final massive taunt after all of the Last Nightmares are gone vs Yellow Rush.

A deck with 30 Healing Songs would still lose to a deck of Unlikely Heroes on turn 11, the same as it is with a cap, since Faeria accumulates and can be spent on a later turn. Being able to heal preemptively would allow you to do 3 things:

  1. Get more value out of repetitive healing (Shimmering Statue… which still wouldn’t see any play)
  2. Get full value out of healing cards with secondary effects earlier (drawing cards with Healing Song and Storyteller, getting a Tiki Healer or Melevolent Spirit on the board, damaging a creature with Soul Drain, making Three Wishes)
  3. Protect yourself against OTK

It wouldn’t make a lot of difference against non-OTK rush decks.

It feels clunky having “gain life” mean something different for creatures and gods.

I agree with 2 and 3.
1, 5 and 6 seem reasonable, but I don’t expect to see them and don’t think they are necessary.
I think 4 is a bad idea. I’d rather change the mulligan/starting hand to do similar things.