Make Spectating Great Again

Faeria is a very solitary game in its current state, unless you go to a third party app like Discord. It would be awesome to at least be able to spectate public live games, even if you can only spectate Practice Pandora and Casual matches. I personally don’t care about anti-cheating measures and don’t think it’s a big problem, but you can anonymize the matches or delay public spectators by a short time (5 min) if it helps.

Chatting with a party while spectating together is also a great social activity and opens the doors for other fun things, like guilds.

I remember Clash of Clans had a way to watch public replays and vote on them (or something), and that was entertaining and helpful for new players. You could speed up the replay too, which I would highly recommend in a game that requires Faeria’s concentration (lots of thinking time on every turn).

Actually, replays in general are an extremely important learning tool. I have no idea why Hearthstone has yet to implement them. They already know how important they are from Starcraft.


You are currently able to spectate live games if you added eachother on the friendslist! :slight_smile:

Replays would be so great I agree!

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I don’t really like this. Being able to spectate live, public games.

I like more the example you chose of Clash of Clans. As well as it is done on Clash Royale (same thing, watch public replays, no live games unless you’re invited to (or something like that)).

Closest example I can find is Duelyst public replay system. You can watch replays from any rank of your choice, from a selected range of games (I don’t know how they’re chosen, but they’re all pretty good to watch!).

So yeah. No to public spectating, yes to public replays!

Oh, you’re right. I was thinking of Clash Royale’s replay system anyway. I got the names mixed up.