Make start of game more streamlined please!

The time that takes cards to get redrawn, Gods appearing, and faeria wells filling up one by one all accumulate to a very long wait for the match to start. The biggest offender is cards being mulliganed. I hope the speed could be increased considerably thanks!


Also the compass is annoying, especially because it has no purpose since the compensation card is given before it.

Starting a match does take a bit too long. Especially the card draw animation could be much faster, since it takes up a lot of time if players mulligan.

Totally agree, the starting animations are reaaaaaaly sloooow. Hell, I lose the game faster vs Yrush (yes salt) than I start one :smile:

The animation of cards being drawn one by one is nice and not really a waste of time, since we need to look at our cards one by one and make the decision to mulligan or not anyway. But why doesn’t it happen simultaneously for both players? There’s no reason for the second player to have to watch the first one draw their cards one by one, before getting their own.

Also when we mulligan, why are cards taken away from our hand one by one? It’s just a waste of time, cards should just fade out all at once. And again, it could be simultaneous for both players, I don’t need to see my opponent finish their mulligan animation before starting mine…