Mana and lake symbols are too similar

I lost too many games because of clicking mana icon on the wheel instead of lake icon. This is my number one reason to not play blue decks. These are way too similar. Either make them more different in appearance or require mana ability to click on your hero portrait to confirm.

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It’s been asked quite a few times already, as we all fell at least once to this :frowning:
The general consensus is that adding a “+1” on the faeria icon would do the trick. Please, do it ! :pray:


Agreed! This is a very common problem for newer players! An easy (what do I know? But it sounds “easy”) fix would be what Foxclear wrote.

Yeah, we’re aware that this is a problem for some players and are looking at ways to resolve it. Thanks :slight_smile:

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Same problem I got here. Misclicked a few times when 1st started. This needs to change.