Massive "improvements" to Faeria rewards

“We’ve made massive improvements to our rewards and progression system” @ ABRAKAM
100 gold for the first victory instead 200
~15 gold for a victory instead 100
70-80 gold for a level (or pre-made deck formula) instead new card
Goki gives 300 gold in a day instead 400
Pandora rewards cutted by 100 gold
400 gold for daily quest instead 600+
Thats a shame !


Yeah, I agree, the new rewards are pretty ■■■■ compared to what we had before. However the Fountain/Goki can give more than 300, but yeah, overall a bit of a kick in the teeth.

was thinking about the same thing… and nobody (beside us) is complaining. I find it now very hard (well, maybe not that hard, but it’s still difficult) to save for a chest.

They are worse than before. Basically every method of earning gold except maybe Goki were made worse. The daily rewards really don’t make up for it. The first couple of days are only 100 gold, which doesn’t change anything since you used to get that 100 gold from your first daily win.

Gaining xp 3 times faster sounds nice, but it doesn’t amount to that much since you don’t get much per level. The level up bonuses have been just as bad as the win rewards for me. Getting something like 80 gold from it doesn’t feel rewarding when you used to get more from just winning a match.

The daily quest ultima also gives less gold than before. It used to be 5 wins for 1000 gold, now it’s 3 wins for 600.

Also, constantly opening these pointless 10 gold chests devalues chests as a whole. Opening chests was more exciting when you only got battle chests every once in a while and they had much more exciting contents than the mini chests. Now you open chests all the time and the majority of them have an almost meaningless 10 gold in them.

I also got dissappointed by the 10g rewards, but they said it was a bug that it rolled so low most of the time.
And the daily logins at the end of the week can actually be pretty good, like 350 gems or a mythic chest. The Level up rewards are better imho- its better to get gold then a random selection of 3 commons.
It’s also much faster to level up.
The only improvement I would like to see would be to get the mini chest or even just 10g always after playing a game, and not being afk or instaconceding.

You were misled. Lets сalculate. The only guaranteed way to get a new card - kraft. One common cost 5 Memoria. Typical booster contains 3 common + 2 rare and disenchant to 13 Memoria. So one common craft will cost: 1000 gold / 13 Memoria * 5 = ~384 gold. With triple level acceleration we get ~80*3=240 gold.
Who is in profit ?..

typical booster does not mean average (plus typical is 1 rare 4 common), average is close to 22-25 memoria if you disenchant all. (won"t make the complete math of that here, but take the 1% legendary, 10% epic, ~25% rare an rest as common as a good base)

about the new reward system, make the complete math guys :

there is the login reward added : that’s 1560g + 1 chest (1000g) + 1 mythic chest(750gems=3000g) for a total of 5560gold, this is equivalent of 55 wins previously for a 15 days cycle. for free ( you like it or not)

sure in pandora, reward has been cut by 100g BUT you get a minichest at every won too, before u just didn’t get anything at all (and you can make your first win of the day in pandora too ).

3x XP and a rare or better card every 10 levels : did you get a rare or better card every 3 levels before ??? i don’t think so.


ok i have pushed a little further the maths.

lets see what you can win over a 15 days run, playing 10 match a day, winning 50%, average 40g per minichest wins and 150g levelup minichests :
we make the assumption it requires like 6 games on average to levelup in the old system

ok what if win minichest average 10g (really unlucky! and levelup chest is 80g (doubt its even that low) :

sure with a better winrate and more games per day, you can find a spot where old system was better.
but regarding the complete player base, this new system is not bad at all!

i can answer question if the math is wrong somewhere


The mathematics can be any. But in reality, before I could play and for the first win I had 200g and for each level a card and some more gold for winning each battle. Now after each battle I have 10g and I need only login there just to get some rewards like 100g and can then leave. No carrot to move and play.
For Pandora test run also, if I win 1 battle and 2 battles was lost I received 100 g, and for 2 won battles- 200 g, now NOTHING. Just take the reward and nothing.
So the only ways to have some gold is to buy it (Goky) or doing the quests. The problems with quests is that typically the tasks cost 400 g. So we can have 1 battle chest in 2 -3 days. And as a rule, the items there are already long present in the decks and I just have 15 crystalls from them . That’s all. SAD

From your calculations, the rewards would be better than I thought they were. My mini chests and level up rewards have been in the really low end, though. I got 10 gold by far the most from wins. Also, I counted that I’ve won an average of 6.8 matches per day, which is more than 5 wins.

My daily login chart is different from the one you counted. Its total value is 4700 gold.

Overall, it still seems like I would’ve earned more gold with the old system. I’d rather have a steady gold gain like before instead of a luck based system like this.

Even if the gold gain actually isn’t that much different from before, constantly getting 10 golds as a reward really does make the rewards seem bad. 10 gold is a really pointless amount. You’d need to play 37 hours to earn one battle chest from 10 gold winnings, assuming 11 minute matches and a 50% winrate.

wow actually we have a completely different login rewards card !!!

mine is
40gx4 + 600g
80gx4 + 1 chest
120gx4 + 1 mythic chest

you are only counting the win reward, but now most of the reward are coming from levelup, you can’t neglect that point, levelup is your carrot :wink:
plus, getting past level100, xp gets back as if you were level 1.

Disagree, Kissagram. You are using incorrect source data.

  1. From 32 boosters i got recently 15 Epic and 1 Legendary. (Did not count rare) So long range booster can be close to ~20 Memoria IF sell Legendary and Epic. BUT what was the chance to get rare+ in long range while level up under the old system?
  2. Сorrect 15 days reward will be 4500 gold (just look carefully at daily table :wink: ) BUT reward progress will be reset if you cant login 1 of 15 days! Isnt it?
  3. Pandora minichest gives 10 gold too?
  4. How you сalculate daily quest reward? Have you old and new daily quest data? It seems typical daily quest gives 400 gold now.
  5. How you сalculate levelups number over a 15 days run?
  6. What means the second part of the table with different percentages?
    It seems your table just wrong.
  1. you can’t rely on 32 boosters for your data … ok mine are not 100% accurate, but close to.

  2. wrong, it’s not reset. never. ever.

it seems there are different login cards with different rewards (see my post above where i detailed mine), my apologize here.

  1. pandora gives minichests too yep (can be more than 10g ofc) . that sheet does only count wins & games so it does not take into account pandora coin price and run rewards.

  2. you can have daily quests at 500g and 600g (ultima -wins 3 games) i arbitrary made a 10% 600g, 20% 500g and 70% 400g) so yeah not 100% accurate again …

  3. level up is average to a 6 games per level (i know it’s not exact, but i don’t have exact number and it hcanges every level, but we have to make assumption)

  4. percentage are about the chance to get level up rewards : 9 level out of ten you get a levelupminichest which contains more gold than win ones, the 10% rest is rare or better cards (or gold when full collection, so i take the gold part - i expanded the rare-epic-legendary percentage to that 10%)

so sure overall there are plenty of assumptions, i’m just trying to show that NO, rewards were not just cut by 10 ! <= ok this is a bit of a shortcut, but u got the idea (hopefully)

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Well I havent all data to accurately state how much rewards was cut. But i see that rewards was cut a lot :frowning:
And the message about 10 gold bug (when they are going to make average ~20 gold handout for a win?) looks like a joke …

wait this is bullshit lmfao my first few login days are 40 gold. its like 40 40 40 325* blue chest. I’ll have to double check when it pops up