Matchmaking in Pandora

I realize that with the small player base its hard to find games matched to your rank but the mismatches can be frustrating at times. I reached a 9 win / zero loss record on a recent run, at which point I hit rank 15. The next 4 games were against opponents 5-10 ranks higher than me, including a rank 4 I think. Needless to say the run didn’t go much further! I think I would rather have not played a game at that point than be matched so aggressively. I’m sure its also frustrating for the newer players as well to get opponents well above their skill level.
I realize its hard to get the right balance between game time and long wait times, but perhaps it would be possible to allow the junior player the offer of accepting a game or not if the opponent is, say, 5 ranks higher, rather than it just happening?

Honestly, I don’t think rank is important at all when It comes to Limited. If it were up to me, Matchmaking would be exclusively dependant on record with the deck.

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is the opponent based mostly on number of wins? That would explain why the rank of opponent went up so much.

I’m pretty sure matchmaking is based mostly on ELO, not rank or number of wins. I don’t know for certain though.