MaxisZ Ranged Burn (mono red)

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I want to introduce a new type deck: mono red ranged burn.
This deck plays at the level of RY Burn. A tier 2 ranged deck :slight_smile:


The win condition is to inflict about 8 damage to the opponent’s orb and burn. To do this, 2 shots in the orb or 1 shot of Shedim Brute + Gift of Steel are sufficient. Further burn damage is usually enough for the finish.
This is not a control deck! Therefore, almost always the orb takes precedence over creatures!
Mulligan Cannon Carrier - its deck win condition.
Give ranged in this priority: Shedim Brute - Seifer - Grim Guard - Brigand
Kobold Barracks should be placed next to the orb, increasing the damage of the archer and two defenders of the orb.
The best construction of lands is the red earth in front of the orb and the two lands from below in the direction of the opponent’s deployment. The deck can not outrush enemy on the free side, so we are forced to build the land to meet and exchange creatures with burn.
Thus, the deck has a unique defensive gameplay. To implement the deck, three red lands are enough.
Since there are no replays in Faeria, I made a sub-photo of the game situations.


Standard three lands in the direction of the enemy.

Two lands with explore in the direction of the enemy.

Two lands with explore vs blue or red tempo (Mystic Beast\Axe Grinder blocking).


This deck can not counter tier 1 decks (Crackthorn, Y events), but has a good chance against them.
RY burn - bad match for the deck. RY burn has the same win condition - inflict about 8 damage to the enemy’s orb and burn. But RY burn can realize win condition from any position via Flash Wind + Khalims Training. Ranged burn can implement win condition only through the center line.
Rush decks dont allow the implementation of Cannon Carrier. So switch to standard protective gameplay against rush. This match depends of draw: events and cannon will be generally poor vs rush.
Decks with a large amount of healing counter any burn, including RY burn.


[Card=250]Ignus.[/Card] This is not Ignus deck but its ideal for the implementation of Ignus, since the deck can be limited to three lands. The deck allows to take faeria every turn without any problems. So I could not abandon Ignus :slight_smile:
[Card=202]Seifer[/Card] not really needed in the deck. The deck can not guarantee implement Seifer, because it does not have Horsemaster + Grovecaller + health buffs. But Seifer is OP card for 5 faeria and sometimes ranged Seifer can cause a stroke with the opponent :slight_smile:
[Card=224]Cannon Carrier[/Card] is the core of the deck, allowing burn creatures to deal damage even if the opponent defends orb with blockers.
[Card=198]Kobold Barracks[/Card] fit perfectly into the deck. Can suddenly increase the archer damage. Also good in the defense of the orb, because force the opponents at a disadvantageous exchange.
[Card=357]Blood Song[/Card] sometimes can huge accelerate Cannon Carrier and Ignus. Sometimes Blood Song can punish you with huge RNG.
Instead of Blood Song you can try [Card=234]Flamesilk Faerie[/Card] vs B/G or [Card=213]Seifers Fodder[/Card] vs burn.
Flamesilk Faerie is a very profitable card for 2 faeria (ranged 4 \ 2) and can abuse green and blue decks that spend more faeria to destroy this card. But Flamesilk Faerie almost useless against red and yellow events.


I also tested [Card=206]Boulder Thrower[/Card] + [Card=226]Flame Thrower[/Card]. This option is much worse, because causes less damage and has control options that can not be implemented.