May we have a built-in screenshot function, please?

Pretty much the title.
I’d like to just press one button (print?) in order to save screenshots of Faeria in a folder of my choice. As many other games do. (And while you’re at it: An additional option to do exactly this, but for a full decklist only? :smiley:)

Meanwhile, can anyone suggest a free program that does pretty much that? I’m kinda tired of inserting manual screenshots into microsoft paint, cut them etc. :sweat_smile:

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That would be cool, but a replay system would be better still.

@Taiyodori If you’re on Windows, there is a tool already present on the OS (Search for Snipping tool).
That’s the one I use, you select the zone you want to print, and you save the image where you want.
I know there are other things, I’ve heard of Puush, but haven’t used it. so I don’t know.

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There is one already built into steam.

If you go onto steam settings then In-Game you can set your screenshot shortcut key and the folder that it saves to. These are the options I have and it works perfectly.

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I feel like computers in general have easy screenshot shortcuts these days. And if yours doesn’t, I’m sure you can set one up.

@Foxclear Didn’t know about the snipping tool. Looks good, but I’m still too lazy to always select the zone first. :wink:

@Salugi That’s what I was looking for! In that case, an additional built-in function is probably unnecessary.

I’ll scratch it off our list then :wink:

Well, it’d still be nice to have, especially if you plan access to Faeria outside of steam. But I guess there are more important things to do. :wink:

The ability to export a decklist to a .txt file would still be really nice, since screenshots can’t always capture the whole deck at once (especially in Pandora mode)!