Menu icons

Hello i stumbled upon your game recently and i like it alot so far.

but it seems my game is bugged somehow.
if i am on the title screen where u see all the news and all the icons like war effort and so onā€¦ nothing happens if i klick them. im not sure if it is intended but im pretty sure that something should happen :wink:

i tried to reinstall verify game cacheā€¦nothing changed

the display and everything is flawless aswell i got nice fps and never crashed so far. i can play the game without issues :wink:

but on the title screen nothing seems to react.
well gladly the menu in the top with the shop PLAY and so on work. just not the news section.
since last patch there is this amulet top leftā€¦ i can klick it but again nothing happens. welcome to the hub and so on nothing happens :wink:

Hi. Question: How can I see FPS in game?

Hi @TheSentry. To see your FPS go to the Steam menu at the top left of your steam window then go ->Settings->In-Game and In the drop down menu that says ā€œIn-game FPS counterā€ pick where you want it to show up on your screen.