Meroval Queen's Farm Bellish

Hi there,

some games ago something strange happened after I played Battle Toads as the first card. I noticed that there were two more symbols on the action indicator on the left side of the screen which actually never happened. So I hovered over these two symbols and it said “Meroval Queen’s Farm Bellish”. A rather rediculous card which I never saw before.

See the following screenshot:

Is this an easter egg or something like that?


According to SeeMeScrollin It is just a bug.

Looking at it I would guess that its a test card to see how things look when pushed to the extreme. Long name, big costs, big stats, all land cost, long “effect.” Its probably just in there so the developers can tweak how cards look to make sure they stay appealing looking. As for why it popped up probably just some random bug and it defaulted to showing a random card in the files and it was picked.