Metashaker Deckbuilding Contest #3

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Hello, friend! Are you tired of meta? Got beaten up by the [Card=125]old lady[/Card]? The likeliness of meeting the [Card=314]probablity beast[/Card] is too high? Then this contest if for you!

Build an awesome deck with a card that does not see much play, share your idea with us, earn prizes and shake up the meta! Metashaker deckbuilding contest #3 starts now!


The task is to make the most original, fun yet viable deck using Hate Seed or Firebringer. Or both. You choose. Remember though that although these cards both benefit from the same thing they are still very different and fill different roles. Think closely, maybe your particular deck needs one but doesn’t need another.

The winner’s deck will be the one with the most original idea and which uses the chosen card as efficiently as possible.


  • The deck must contain at least one copy of Firebringer or Hate Seed.
  • You may submit as many decks as you want.
  • You may only submit your own creations. It is prohibited to submit someone else’s deck.
  • The contest ends on Saturday June 24th. The winner will be determined in a few days after.

Determining the winner

  • The following factors are considered when choosing a winner:
  • The amount of synergy and possible interactions the given card has with the other cards in the deck.
  • What role the given card fills in the deck, how efficiently it does so.
  • How original and fun the deck is.
  • The overall deck viability in the current meta.
  • The winner will be chosen by the jury:
  • Modgnik
  • Luuu90
  • Bobrokrot

How to submit the deck

  • To submit a deck you need to submit this form: Metashaker #3 Deck Submission
  • It may be a screenshot from the ingame deckbuilder or the Hub or the link to deck posted on the Hub.
  • When you provide us with the link to deck posted on the Hub make sure that you have published your deck (in the deck editor go to Preview → Publish).
  • You may also write a deck description but it is optional. If you feel that there is something special that we absolutely must know about your deck — feel free to write about it!


  • 1st place: 5000 gold
  • 2nd place: 2500 gold
  • 3rd place: 1000 gold

Thanks to Atmaz and Abrakam for the prizes!

For all the info contact me (Bobrokrot#0111) on the Faeria official Discord server.


you know what would be better than having players run around creating loser decks with sub-par cards?

is balancing the stupid game.

if it doesn’t stand up to crackthorn, yellow tempo, or blue jump, you’re just abusing the player base.

It is not official contest and it is run by the community.

As for “loser decks with sub-par cards”, the cards chosen for the contest are not bad in fact. No matter how you look at Hate Seed and Firebringer these cards have a lot of potential and in some situations have tremendously much value. However, the reason these cards do not see much play is that currently there is no good enough deck that can support these cards. Some people complain that 4 cost 7/7 Wavecrash Colossus is broken but nobody thinks that 4 cost Firebringer which can grow even bigger is broken, the reason is that Wavecrash Collosus has a great deck that supports it.

I believe that even though there are only a few deck that are considered meta decks there are hidden gems which can beat these meta decks, what we need to do is search for them. Most of the people are busy climbing the ladder with netdecks and ranting about the balance issues. The goal of Metashaker is to inspire players to discover the new decks and hopefully find these gems.


ya ok.

good luck.