Metashaker deckbuilding contest #6 - Oversky week #2 results

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Last week you have been sharing your awesome ideas for the decks with us and now it is time to conclude what ideas are the best. Everybody was experimenting with the new Oversky cards and it was indeed a hard task to impress the judges. In the end what are the most original decks of Oversky week #2?

Rush to Paradaise

It is a multicolor rush deck made by dDuh which features Path to Paradise. Although developing 5 different lands may seem slow for a rush deck, using Earthcraft and Path to Paradise this deck manages to secure aggressive deserts. Sagami Warrior and Rebel Clider might help you out as well in case you opponent land blocks you. The moment you create a second desert with Path you can summon multiple haste creatures or dasg creature there, all gaining the +2/+0 buff from the Path. With the army of little yet mighty minions leaded by Rakoan Chieftain you shall find your path to victory.

For the 1st place dDuh recieves 5000 gold. Congratulations!

BY Wonder Tokens

It is a BY event deck made by Patovski which features Flight of the Mantas. Naturally, event lists typically need a lot of events but they also need creatures as well. These little cute mantas perfectly solve this problem — they are your harvesters that buff your Windstorm Chargers and Snowstorm Lancers and count for Windstorm Colossus. Shifting Tide and Flash Wind are great movement tricks, especially together — with this many types of different mobility you have your opponent will never feel safe.

For the 2nd place Patovski recieves 2500 gold. Congratulations!

BY Flies

It is a BY swarm deck made by Moonthoughts that features Istanu, Fugoro and Flight of the Mantas. And Gnats. And the best thing about gnats is that your opponent will never be able to get rid of them — thus Annoying Gnats are always ready to be transofrmed into Istanu either by her death or by Fugoro’s Ulani Medallion. Transforming into Radiance for the one turn kill is an option as well. Aside from Medallion shenanigans, you can keep clearing opponent’s cretures with Gnats and Mantas with the help of Golden Aviary. Twinsoul Spirit’s ability to be summoned adjacent to friendly creature might be very useful because your Gnats might respawn in a good spot.

For the 3rd place Moonthoughts recieves 1000 gold. Congratulations!

Honorable Mentions

Closing words

Thank you everyone for sharing your awesome ideas! Watch Luuu90’s Metashaker #6 deck submissions review to take a look at some other submissions as well and to know what he thinks about them.

Don’t forget that the Metashaker Oversky marathon is still running! Check out the Metashaker #7 with even more cards from the Oversky! Check the news on the Hub or offical Faeria discord #tournaments channel.

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