MFW enemy time stalls from turn 1

please add in some type of fix for this. ive played ~20 games in 3 days and i’ve run into 4 different people who take the full turn. every turn

I’m sorry, my Liege, we will immediately ban these people for ruining your fun. It is just… so… rude! for anyone but my Liege to have fun! Inconceivable! Do they even consider they are allowed to play only for your pleasure? Such arrogance!

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Two things. First @Ephraim At the end of the day people are allowed to take the maximum alloted time each turn. It’s shitty when people do it to piss you off but you just have to brush it off. I know that’s hard to hear and it’s frustrating especially when you encounter it often, but this shouldn’t be your experience every single time you play Faeria. Hang out in discord and chat, browse your phone or the web on a second screen, and just try not to let it get to you.

Second. @Galileus This type of comment is not good for the forum or community as a whole. It’s not constructive, and really isn’t accomplishing anything. In the end it will probably just piss @Ephraim off. These things aren’t good for the community and will drive people away from the game. If you don’t agree with a comment that’s okay. But responding like this isn’t helping anyone.


like im just an upbeat aggro player, and its so infuriating when people need to think hard how to beat me. like im gunnin for that face, how hard is it to play a taunt or concede.

in the end the only solution to this problem is decrease occurrence to < 5%, or introduce a new game mode/mechanic to prevent time stalling because you’re salty about losing. 30minute games are boring.

(otherwise i just cant stick around)

And what is wrong with having a slower game? If you are not fine with a match length of a game, maybe it’s not a game for you. It’s unreasonable to expect a game to change to fit your play style - and to forbid others from playing as they like.

Live and let live. End of the day, the only solution is to either get used to it or move on.

at the end of my day, his hand was empty, hes on 6 life, i have an 8-X next to his face. hes out of options.

better just wait 2mins before ending my turn

I don’t think I am capable of answering that without a heavy overuse of sarcasm.

This post has a good core message as far as feedback is concerned, but I’m going to lock it before it escalates beyond what is necessary. Thank you for the message, and for the cute picture of grumpy cat.