Minor things that aren't quite polished

Just got the game on the “free for a day” promotion, looks fantastic!

But since this is still an “early access” game, a few things that aren’t quite as polished as the rest of the game are to be expected… and people reporting them are also to be expected. :stuck_out_tongue: Not that they bother me (for the most part, they don’t), but you know, “production values” and all that jazz, every little bit of polish helps later on…

  1. Once you get reward cards from the tutorial, the right card is partially obscured by the left card, making the attack value impossible to read. I don’t think that’s good. (EDIT: and the solo mission cards cover each other up even more)

  2. A small bug: first time going into the options menu (from the tutorial screen) completely shut off the sound by reducing it to minimum volume. With later attempts to use the option menu, that didn’t happen.

  3. When one of the gods is defeated, there is a rumbly “explosion” sound effect and it seems to be clipping a bit. I’m assuming the actual sound effect probably isn’t clipping, but the combination of all the sounds in-game is just too loud for the system to handle at that point, so there’s quite a bit of clipping there. It doesn’t sound TOO bad, but it’s one of the very, very few things that don’t feel adequately professional just yet.

  4. Lastly, this is completely irrelevant crap, but the sound effects in general feel a bit cliche – they work but they don’t feel too imaginative. The art style is GREAT (love it, btw!) so to have the SFX not match the brilliance of the art was a bit of a letdown. Hearthstone had really good SFX and that was the first CCG I’ve ever played, too, so this might actually be my fault for having overly high expectations on that front, but still, I think your sound effects are content to merely be okay while the art is really good.

Please don’t think I’m just being negative – I actually enjoyed this game a hell of a lot so far and it looks like it’s going to be freaking amazing. The addition of the board really adds an entire new dimension that feels unique and well thought-out. All the above is exceedingly minor issues with polish and even if they aren’t fixed, the underlying game is still going to be great. It’s just that production values are usually what gets used to reel people in, right? “First impressions” and all that…