Mirror Phantasm Bug

Use Mirror Phantasm on flying creature while on sea to destroy his flying did not work the creature "somewhat had flying but did not have the “flying” ability. Please fix and test mirror phantasm with all flying creatures on sea to see if they died… I have 429 pts on Pandora I know what I’m talking about

That sounds working as intended, not a bug. If a creature is over an ocean tile it will die at the end of the controlling player’s turn. So if you transformed it, they will still have their turn to either move it over land or create land underneath it so it doesn’t die.

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Ok I’m not sure where you got “will die at the end of a controling player’s turn from” maybe you can link that as one of your sources, but as far as pure basic logic goes the creature “should” die instantly if it doesn’t have aquatic or flying. It “just” makes sense and adds more strategical “value” to the game. I don’t think there should be a debate against a non-flying, non-aquatic creature dying on a ocean tile “instantly” because it “just makes sense.” What “doesn’t” make sense is that it has a option to move “OUT” of a ocean tile when it doesn’t even have the option to move “”""“INNNNNNN”"""" to one.

it dies at the end of your opponent’s turn. you should know that, you have 429pts in pandora.

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read and watch this

To be honest I guess it really doesn’t matter. Aquatic decks are in a bad shape anyways, so running it with sand doesn’t really make much of a difference. It’s still going to be pretty trash regardless, but in the future when balance may be an issue, then this topic of should non-flying non-aquatic creatures instantly dying on an ocean tile, and aquatic creatures being put on a non-ocean tile and not instantly dying should be reignited.

lol you have a point, logically speaking… but this game was made for people to have fun playing it. ofc the devs would make it more forgiving and cutesy and cuddly and entire hellfire to the face if you don’t have any creatures on boardy