Missing cards?

I have obtained all of the DLCs and premium, but when i look through the pages describing the cards in the update i wonder why i cant see them in my retinue of playable cards… for instance take Celeste the dragon. i can’t find it anywhere among my cartds and others tpo like crystal spice and whatnot. yet, i am unable to receive new cards from treasure chests because it thinks i already have all the cards but for some reason i don’t actually… its disappointing man…

can anyone help me?

i used to have all the cards for the gagana expansion… but now they are gone?! wut… my ingame name is JBT81 if that makes it easier for anyone to help me:)

JKJK i actually didnt buy the gagagna dlc… haha sorry guys NVMNVM

Nevermind I didn’t read replies