Mistral guide and summoning a unit with dash

mistral guide - “friendly creatures summoned adjacent to this creature gain dash 2 and flying”
summoned a oradrim templar (dash 1) beside the mistral. it did not get flying or dash 2.

shouldn’t it get to dash 3 with flying or overwrite the dash 1 to 2 with flying.
technically it was summoned on the spot adjacent to the mistral so it should get the buffs.

Technically? You mean you dashed after summoning? If so, it would seem the native dash is first in queue of effects, and after the dash you would be away from Mistral.

if that is true then shouldn’t dash be renamed to summon up to # of tiles away? this would agree with not receiving the buffs on summon adjacent to the mistral.

Im only trying to help pin-point the problem. I don’t think it’s the text that should be changed, as rather the mechanic itself (order of action) - that is if my diagnosis is correct.

Dash =/= Charge

Dash is only when you summon a creature.

i think it is order. the dash is going first before even being summoned O_o

I’m sure most people would expect native stuff to always get overwritten by better stuff.
So yeah, I agree it needs a fix.

However, what would happen if the unit natively had dash 5 and no flying? IMHO it should get the best of each (dash 5 & flying).