Monks & dragoons (contest)


plains, yellow; 3.4

1 campfire
3 wandering monk
2 flashwind
3 soul pact
2 desert twister
3 iona’s smile ~~~
2 soul drain
2 wind soldier
3 air elemental
1 khalim
2 last nightmare
3 windstorm colossus

mulligan for monk, air elemental, iona’s smile.

just open deserts defensively. you don’t need to build forward. leave that to your opponent. big advantage in this.

place monks defensively and let them grow if you can. if you can use desert twister to get them from your defensive spot to immediately smacking their orb, that’s a win condition in itself. (they grow in no time.)

iona’s smile is great not just to get your air elementals early, but also for pulling in the dragoons. double great if you have a monk or two on the board, gives them +2 atk.

soul pact are important, because you don’t necessarily need to build land, so you can draw cards to build your monks if you have them. also go super great with windstorm colossus. so give yourself x3 soul pact.

I am doing pretty good with this, except vs blue jump.