Mono blue "Nightmare" deck

Good morning!
This is my latest list - and as always I am using weird cards that people say is bad.
Check the video for my reasoning for the inclusion :slight_smile:

The deck can be aggressive and win the game on turn 4 if your lucky~

Or you can sit back and defend, then do an OTK from your side of the board without ever touching your opponent.

Or you go harvest, apply pressure when you get the chance.

Here is the list:


Looks good to me! After all, one doesn’t have to include other colors to play blue burn. :grin:

Just wondering, Court Jester would be a nice target for Phantasms. You concidered it too expensive?

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Yeah Phantasms and courtjesters go great together, but this deck is already quite cheesy and need a lot of Faeria to pull of the combo. If i draw my librarys, faeria usually isnt a big problem though :slight_smile:

If you neef more faeria, what about 1 or 2 Failed Experiment (going for Rebel Slingers, Jesters, Elems, and/or even Reavers if you can do the OTK).
Just in case you don’t get the library

I dont think i like FE in this deck because I need the creatures to control the board :slight_smile:

I just played for almost an hour and won every game :smiley:
I uploaded the recording to youtube

This deck makes me sad. What counter play is there to this? I’m not happy with a card like Reaver in the game.

I don’t really like to propose this, but most rush decks work rather well. Also include something to deal with the library quickly. (In case of red: Firebomb/Flameburst; in case of yellow: Wind Soldier)

Rush-decks do well versus this deck :slight_smile:

I have never faced a Hellfire OTK (2x stormspawn->doomsday->2xhellfire) but I think that is quicker than this one aswell

We shouldn’t have to play rush to have a chance against specific decks. Do green or green\blue non-rush decks have any way to deal with this?

Green would’ve, if they hadn’t removed the old Ruunin’s Shrine. :frowning:
Blue can frogify/Phantasm the whale, but that alone won’t get you rid of the gift nor the body.

Best way to deal with the 6/10 body (other than LN/frogify) would probably be any type of deathtouch near your orb.

To an extend, you can counter the Reaver’s gift by using healings (and hold on to them until the reaver is played ofc). However, it’s still a lot you need to have the instant reaver comes down. Also it comes for only 6 faeria cost, so anything you could possibly play will still set you to a faeria disadvantage.

However, rejoice! Tomorrow we’ll get a balance patch. :wink:

Well, if you don’t pressure it at all, then no amount of healing will prevent you from being OTKed. You can go the midrange way (building on one side and apply pressure instead of building straight like a rush, but you can’t play control (building on both sides to slowly build up your economy/power) as you’ll end up OTKed.

Note that you can adjust your playstyle with most non-wishes decks though. For example, when I play gy sacrifice (which is unfavoured vs mono blue nightmare) vs. blue nightmare or burn, I adjust to play midrange or even rush instead, aiming for lots of pressure with Deathwalkers, Bone Collector and even some minor Souleaters (like 5/5 or 6/6) to finish the game asap. A quick 2x praerie can get you into aggressive positions on your following turns. Make use of this. :slight_smile:

Sometimes, you don’t need to change your deck. I mean, you can’t change it anyways once the match started, so adjust your playstyle to deal with it as good as you can. Just going into “default mode”, slowly collecting on both sides and letting your opponent do as he pleases will make you most likely lose the game.

Remember this is not Hearthstone, where you’re forced to “play on curve”. Faeria’s way of storing resources over several turns allows you to be flexible with your playstyle.

I am so mad now. Realy i create 3 dream reaver for this deck. And in a next minute they nerf it. And i cant disenchant it for full price. OMG i am so unlucky xD.

If they nerf it with today’s patch, you should be able to disenchant it for the full value. So just wait for it.

Also, nerf doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll be unplayable. I don’t think it’ll be nerfed into oblivion; it’s just completely over the top right now. :wink:

@Fade the card can now be disenchanted for full value!

So today Auroras Dream was changed, it now has “Gift: Change a gods health to 10” so I will have to rebuild most of the deck I think. Ninja toads, auroras creations and rebel slingers doesnt really fit the deck as well anymore! Ill let you know if I figure something nice out :smiley:

Oh and this made me sooooo happy! [quote=“Taiyodori, post:12, topic:2177”]
Note that you can adjust your playstyle with most non-wishes decks though. For example, when I play gy sacrifice (which is unfavoured vs mono blue nightmare) vs. blue nightmare or burn

So people actually call it Blue Nightmare :smiley: YAY! #Success

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