Mono Red, how to counter Apex Predator?

Hi, so I went from ranked 20-11 last night and I find I am having a lot of problems with Apex predator. Fought like 3 in a row and failed to hit rank 10. What should i bring to counter it? Do I just bring in a queens assassin and pray? Because I feel like that’s so easy to counter and I am pretty new to the game. I have 100% availability of the red deck though.

Any tips appreciated, thank you.

Voice of Truth, Frogify, Last Nightmare? Depends what colour you are playing. For Red, there is no hard total removal, may be Battle Rager, but he is vulnerable to removal and minions.

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If you’re playing as Mono-Red, Seifer may be a useful tool in order to deal with Green’s Bulkies, although he will be weak firsthand.
Shifting in Green/Red will give yout ools like Voice of Truth and Elderwood Embraces, the former to reset their stats (a 3/3 with Jump is not that impressive), the latter to buff your Seifer and/or your combat-based creature. Crackthorn Beast will also be available to you.
If you don’t want to shift, try to tech in as much burn as possible. Grim Guard, Flame Bursts and such are good cards to counter the greed of the B/G decks, as they rarely run some heals since they have to tech so many cards in.

Thanks for the replies. I may think of adding in green but I really am liking mono red a lot right now.

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Keep it up @Townhero ! I like Mono red a lot too. You’ll figure out ways to deal with it as you get more experience playing the game (as will all of us) :smiley:

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