Monster Masaka (The New GY Sac Red Counter)

Hello Guys!

Today I will show you about my gy sac deck , this deck is upgraded from Masaka Green Yellow Sac Deck. I named it Monster Masaka. This deck is my experiments for counter red deck that really frustating player who play GY Sac. I have tried this deck in ranked mode, and it goes very well.

For your information, this is the Original Masaka Deck :

and this is the upgraded one (Monster Masaka) :

As you know, i change 5 card from original deck, here my reason :

  • I reduce 1 card each of the Flash salmon, and elder villager this is because I think this is not the core of my deck and still balance for building my key creature (soul eater)

  • I remove 1 card Oradrim Fanatics, and 2 Tiki Caretaker, this is because in my experience playing gy sac deck, oradrim fanatics has a little impact, and 2 tiki caretaker is subtitute with Ruunin Guidance

I change it with :

  • 2 Ruunins Guidance, this card is very well to counter red deck because it has choice to get 5 life, and it also go well for buff your creature in battle with other creature. The 5 life is very good for keep yourself alive before your soul eater is getting bigger. The red deck have many removal and direct damage to your god, so I think Ruunins Guidance is the on who can save you in some moments.

  • 2 Shaytan Monstrosity, since red deck has many removal, and it will target your creature with the highest attack, you must play Shaytan Monstrosity beside, so your died creature will buff Shaytan Monstrosity, it is like transfering their attack to this one creature. It also good for beginning your war, when you use combo on sacrificing creature , shaytan monstrosity will goes high and high. Also with 2 charge , it have high mobility.

  • 1 Shaytan Assasin , since our key creature is only Soul Eater , Bone Collector or swarm it with Swarming Carrasius, you must protect them from being dead. Just in case you are safe because have more deathtouch creature.

Yeah that’s all, sorry for my bad english, i hope you can get it. Don’t forget to give feedback, I really appreciate it :smiley:


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