Monthly Cup #1 recap

The first Monthly Cup is over, and we are left with three champions:

  1. Sweety $1500 :trophy:
  2. HeliosAflame $1000
  3. Matthew $500

The tournament was a lot of fun, and I think most everyone involved seemed to have a good time.

For a full recording of the tournament, check out this Twitch VOD. Big shoutout to Scream, Skorch, Crow, and Aquablad for their efforts in streaming and casting the tournament throughout. Excellent games, excellent analysis.

Both Sweety and HeliosAflame have won prizes yet again, coming off the heels of last season’s Top 8 God tournament. So consistent!

We’ve received a lot of feedback throughout, and will be making some changes for Monthly Cup #2. While I can’t go into all the details just yet (some still need to be discussed), I can say the first change we will be making:

###Qualifiers will now be Double elimination.

Whoa, Double Elimination and Top 8? How will that work?

We’ll take four players from the top bracket, and four from the lower. That simple. Since the qualifiers proved to be rather short last month (3-4 hours), we think we can afford the extra time here in the name of player opportunity. We really do want the best players to advance each month - Double Elimination should make that more of a certainty.

We’ll be getting our eSports website switched back over soon to the normal Monthly format, but until then feel free to sign up for the qualifiers here:

Qualifier #1, Saturday July 16th

Qualifier #2, Saturday July 30th

We’ll communicate any changes made to the Monthly Cup itself (outside of qualifiers) once we have reached a decision on certain things. As always, keeping you informed is always my highest priority.

Thanks everyone :rubyfish: