Monthly Cup #4 Top 8 Ranked qualifiers

Hello, it’s that time again! :rubyfish:

Note: This post mostly pertains to those players seeking the top of the Ranked ladder and competing in the next Monthly Cup. If you have no interest in such things, I recommend to read no further!

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As we near this season’s end, it’s coming time to select the Top 8 players from the ranked ladder who will be competing in our next Monthly Cup. As you may already know, season resets occur the first Monday of the month at 12pm CEST.

That places this season’s reset tomorrow, Monday, October 3rd at 12pm CEST. Note that is the time we cutoff qualifications, the actual resetting of the ladder is a process that takes up to an hour.

The Monthly Cup will then take place the following Saturday as usual, on October 8th.

All that covered, I’d like to remind everyone how the Top 8 are selected.

For determining the Top 8 qualified Gods, the precedence goes in the ordering that players have qualified. Open qualifiers are determined first, then Votes, then God Ranks. Anyone having already qualified in any other fashion will simply cede their spot to the next player in the next list.

In addition to this, alternate accounts are ignored, and some accounts will be ineligible for qualification due to detected or declared account sharing. This can mean the actual Top 8 qualified players can be quite far down the list.

We’re working on improving the display of this on our website, but it will take some time. In the meantime, I’d like to provide everyone a list of all currently known players in the current Top #25 that will be ceding their spot to the next player in the list come calculation time, for any one of the above mentioned reasons.

Note that Gravekper will not be taking part in the Monthly Cup this season due to personal reasons, and his Vote slot will be given to the next player in the voting line. This places the Top 4 voted players currently as follows:

  1. Flint
  2. kataztrophik
  3. Aquablad
  4. catron44

The list of Ranked players that will cede their spot in the Top #25 is then roughly as follows:

  • catron44
  • Stek
  • Cappuccino
  • Luuu
  • kanthum
  • tehrion
  • heav
  • HeavyCC
  • kanthik

When looking at the Top 8, ignore these names and go to the next in the list until you have listed 8 players. That will be how the calculation is done. Hopefully this will clear things up for you a bit.

Note: This list is known to be roughly comprehensive of the Top #25 at this time, but other players may rise to the top, At the time of calculation we go through a verification process to make sure everyone has been justly qualified. If you earn your way to the top, we will make sure you get a spot in the Monthly Cup.

Don’t forget that qualifying for placement via the Ranked ladder is not exactly the same as how seeding arrangement is determined. Seeding by Rank disregards how a player qualified.

Monthly Cup Seeding arrangement:

  • 1: Invited Guest #1 (Winner of previous cup, $150 Krog’s Bounty)
  • 2: Invited Guest #2 (2nd place of previous cup, $150 Krog’s Bounty)
  • 3-4 Invited Guest #3 and #4 (randomized)
  • 5-12: Highest 8 God ranks of all remaining qualified players, in order of #1- #8.
  • 13-32: Randomized.

In short, it means that even if you are already qualified, there are incentives for placing within the Top 8 of the ladder.

Thanks, and have a great day!



great community manager! thanks for the effort

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