Monthly Cup #7, the season reset, and votes

Votes are closed! The following players are among the top 4:

  1. Imperia
  2. Sepfire
  3. KevinTheFox
  4. Tonitruant and Sfasano

Tied votes:

Since there is a tie in voting, the tied 4th slot will go to the player among those two who have the highest ladder rating/ranking upon ladder reset on 12pm CET Noon Monday. Should there still be an exact tie, the players will be arranged to compete in a Best of 3 Pantheon match with an approved observer to compete for the slot.

Since this is a unique holiday schedule with voting closing before the last qualifier, and these two players are not guaranteed a spot in the Monthly Cup until 12pm CET on Monday, they are allowed to compete in the qualifier tomorrow (January 1st). Should they qualify there and also win the voted spot, their voted spot will then defer to the other player.
Should they both qualify in the qualifier, the voting spot will be deferred to the next highest community vote.

With that settled, see you in the qualifier tomorrow!

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List of currently qualified players after today’s qualifiers:

  • Modgnik
  • Kingdanzz
  • Cappuccino
  • Thormond
  • ChiefBromden
  • Crow
  • Kahilian
  • Saturas
  • Sweety
  • Bubbles
  • PewQ
  • Aya_73
  • Imperia
  • Sepfire
  • KevinTheFox
  • (4th Voted TBD, see above)
  • lbrande
  • IncognitoD
  • Varin
  • causalidad
  • killingtime
  • strudl
  • Fedeot
  • Trec

Now we’re ready for the season reset, and the selection of the top ranked players.

The list of Ranked players that will cede their spot in the Top #25 is roughly as follows:

  • smurfitup
  • Modgnik
  • Strudl
  • Maihem (GT-Maihem)
  • Smurfnik
  • Aya_73
  • killingtime
  • IncognitoD
  • Imperia
  • Kingdanzz
  • Cappuccino
  • Fedeot
  • Trec

A name in parentheses is the alternate account of that player and only the highest will count for qualification. When looking at the Top 8, ignore these names and go to the next in the list until you have listed 8 players. That will be how the calculation is done. Hopefully this will clear things up for you a bit.

If you are in the Top 25 and have alternate accounts not listed here, or are looking to cede your Ranked spot before the standings are taken, please let Atmaz know as soon as possible.

Note: This list may not be entirely accurate and there may be alternate accounts present that have not notified me previously. At the time of calculation we go through a verification process to make sure everyone has been justly qualified. If you earn your way to the top, we will make sure you get a spot in the Monthly Cup. This list is only provided as a rough guide.

Don’t forget that qualifying for placement via the Ranked ladder is not exactly the same as how seeding arrangement is determined. Seeding by Rank disregards how a player qualified.

Monthly Cup Seeding arrangement:

  • 1: Invited Guest #1 (Winner of previous cup, $150 Krog’s Bounty)
  • 2: Invited Guest #2 (2nd place of previous cup, $150 Krog’s Bounty)
  • 3-4 Invited Guest #3 and #4 (randomized)
  • 5-12: Highest 8 God ranks of all remaining qualified players, in order of #1- #8.
  • 13-32: Randomized.

In short, it means that even if you are already qualified, there are incentives for placing within the Top 8 of the ladder.

Thanks, and have a great day!


Hey, some precision to help people:
Smurfitup = Kingdanzz (so u can ignore second)
Smurfnik = Modgnik (same)

With the guys already qualifie and smurf, actually, the 15 is actually the last qualifie by top 8 ladder.
(u get out Smurfnik, Modgnik, Smurfitup, Kingdanz, Killingtime, Strudl, Aya_73, IncognitoD, Maihem)