Monthly Cup IX

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Monthly Cup IX kicks off this Saturday, April 8th at 4:00pm CEST.

Watch it live on FaeriaTV!


Monthly Cup IX Brackets

Bracket legend:

Symbol Explanation
Previous Monthly Cup 1st and 2nd place
Previous Monthly Cup 3rd and 4th place
Top 12 God ranks of all remaining qualified players
Community voted favorites

#Qualified players by country:

Countries Representation

#Player qualifications:

Players Qualified through
Maihem, Imperia, Kahilian, xyz Previous Monthly Cup top four
Loktar, IWinAgain, Strudl, Nightingale, Arianelle, Wamba, Donpork, causalidad Qualifier #1
littlenooby, Minocaro, Saturas, Utoko, InaraSerra, Fedeot, IncognitoD, Salugi Qualifier #2
luuu90, ChiefBromden, Modgnik, Zarrockar, Trec, kanthik, Sweety, Teddy, v3tec, linkens Top 10 ladder placements
Noaphiel, Sepfire Community votes

So many french people :smiley:
And noone from the USA? :smiley:

Good louck everyone!

I was only able to catch the tail end of it. It was still a lot of fun.