Monthly Cup XIII Qualifier #1 qualification incident

It was recently discovered that during the first qualifier of Monthly Cup XIII on July 22nd of 2017, a player signed up twice using two different Battlefy accounts and Faeria accounts.

The accounts in question were as follows:

  • littlenooby
  • Iosefka

It so happens that both the littlenooby and Iosefka accounts went on to each earn a qualification spot for the Monthly Cup.

Such an action is in clear violation of our esports terms, located here, specifically under “User Identity and Multiple Accounts”:

These policies are referenced several times throughout each Battlefy tournament, and not reading the rules is never an excuse to not follow them.

Upon contacting littlenooby, he was forthcoming that he indeed did play both accounts throughout the tournament. littlenooby never disclosed this fact beforehand to tournament organizers.

Unfortunately, this is a severe problem in regards to the integrity of our Monthly Cup and its qualification processes. We take our official tournaments very seriously, and cannot allow such a violation of tournament rules to take place without any action on our part.

Our actions in regards to this incident are as follows:

  • littlenooby is disqualified from this Monthly Cup, including his alternate account Iosefka.
  • littlenooby will be banned from all official Abrakam tournaments for 6 months
  • The two qualification spots earned by littlenooby will instead be shifted to the God rank ladder at the time of season reset, meaning 12 total players will qualify in that manner this month.

In addition, the following line will now be added to all future Battlefy pages to ensure our policy on this matter is crystal clear:

Using multiple accounts in the same tournament
Is strictly forbidden. You may only enter yourself once into any tournament.

Further thoughts

We’d like to make it clear that we consider the punishment of 6 months to be lenient for such a serious offense. However, given the fact that when contacted the player was upfront, honest, and forthcoming with what happened - we felt a permanent ban would be too severe. Whether or not it was a simple misunderstanding, it is very important to our tournaments that our players maintain absolute integrity and honesty. We are as open and honest as possible, and we expect our players to be the same.

Regarding the qualification spots, we know it is unfair to those whom littlenooby eliminated during the tournament. However, awarding spots to eliminated players becomes tricky in double elimination brackets and cannot be done in an absolutely fair manner. Therefore, we think shifting the slots to the God rank ladder is the simplest and best solution in this case.

We hope you understand our decision here, and do not intend on shaming or defaming the player involved. Our primary interest is in pursuing the best interest of all players who compete in our Monthly Cup tournament system.

Thank you for reading.