Monthly Cup XIII Votes and Prize Splitting

It recently came to our attention that a player offered to split their Monthly Cup prize with those who vote for them.

To be clear, this is strictly against our esports terms listed here:

Specifically under “Prize Splitting” and “Manipulating community votes”:

Prize Splitting
Abrakam does not support, condone, or assist in prize splitting. Prizes will be awarded to the individual who placed in the appropriate spot in any tournament.
If it is discovered that any such arrangement for splitting winnings has been made, we reserve the right to take any action that we see fit, including, but not limited to, banning the player(s) involved from one or all Abrakam sanctioned tournaments.

Manipulating community votes
An important part of the Faeria Monthly Cup is the ability for the community to chose their favorite players through a special online voting system. If Abrakam notices any manipulation of the voting system, it reserves the right to take any action they see fit related to the matter.

While we don’t believe the player in question intended to break the rules, not being aware of the rules is not an acceptable excuse.

Please know that if you ever have any question about our esports rules or anything regarding our terms of use, feel free to ask me or anyone at Abrakam at any time and we would be glad to clarify things for you.

In this case, the player involved is:

  • Lyakusha

Currently they have the highest amount of community votes.

Our actions will be as follows:

  • Lyakusha will be disqualified from the voting system for this month

This means that we will be disregarding his placement in the voting rankings and taking the next in line, if necessary.

“Why don’t you just reset his votes?”

While we do have the ability to do that, it is not a simple process and we don’t want to allocate even such a small amount of time to our extremely busy web development team who are preparing important content for the Oversky.

“Why no ban?”

We feel it’s appropriate to be lenient in this case where we feel the player did not have any malicious intent and only desired to drum up support for his voting. We value our voting system and appreciate the community activity it encourages. In this case, unfortunately, it violates our rules. We want to use this example to bring attention to the fact that prize splitting of any kind is not tolerated in any Abrakam tournament.

Further incidences of this will likely be met with harsher punishments.

Thank you for reading. Whew! It’s been a bumpy Monthly Cup 13 qualification season. Must be that unlucky 13…

  • Atmaz

Hi there, guys!

It is me who violeated the rules.
I were thinking, that my community (i am streamer) deserves part of a prize, becouse i were always honest with my people and always shared anything with them, if i reached any goal with their help. Its like small family (to be clear, i didnt posted message about prize splitting in other places except of my community, that consist 16 people and small guild chat).
When i read topic in ESPORT’s Terms about PRIZE SPLITTING, i thought it is not allowed to split prize between PLAYERS IN TORUNAMENT, making unfair matches, but didnt found anything about splitting it after the tournament. Please, can you make it like more clear, becouse i didnt wanted to cheat somehow.

Btw, i am rly enjoying this game, i got 130+ hrs of gameplay during last two weeks in Steam, were preparing so hard for this tournament last days. Anyway, gj to top2 of comminity votes.

(please, make it more clear, russian channel in Discord (becouse i am russian) had a discussion about “PRIZE SPLITTING” term, and some people agreed with me, they didnt get it also, becouse its not 100% clear, and this incident approve that).

Didnt wanted to cheat somehow, my community would vote for me anyway, just wanted to be fair with them.

(sry for bad english)