More informations pls

I´m a new player and some infos are not obvious for newbies. e.g. a card has charge and buff creature. when i play the creature nothing indicates which action comes first. so when i click on the creature i would like to buff first… the charge is gone… and i have to click again on the creature to buff it. what about a sign at the top of the screen saying sth like “which creature would you like to buff”, “where do you want to move”?
same goes for many other instances, e.g. when i log in for the first time at a day, a window opens, something goes “bling” window closes. i guess it´s the daily log in reward, but why dont you say so (top of the screen: daily reward).

and finally… I´m german and I think the german translation is (in some cases) not clear; e.g. when a creature has the effect “production: deal 2 dmg” it is (to me) not obvious wether this effect damages the creature or the god, because of the way it is phrased. I´m using the english version because of that.

edit: but thanks for your efforts. generally a good game.

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