More Sound Effects and Speech

A bit self explanatory, however having come from Hearthstone and being used to all of the different cards each having there own speech, sound effects and animation, it feels really weird with how quite the different monsters are and how few sound effects they have.

Perhaps if they had voice lines or more individual sound effects when i summoned, selected, and attack with them or unique animation like a ranged unit actually shooting a arrow at the target there attacking. It would really help in making the game feel a bit more alive and interesting to look at.

Could not agree more

Yeah true. I would love to have the avatars say a phrase at the beginning.
Awesome idea! I love it


Investing in animating, sound-effecting and bamboozling all the cards would completely stagnate the game. There would be no new cards, no co-op campaign, no bugfixes and finally no game.

It’s all nice and dandy to say “we want a lazer powered DeathYak mascot!”, but you need to consider how much it would cost, how many people would need to work on it and for how long. And man, just the food for the Yak would ruin you…

True dat. But I think it would be the next step.
After working on the adventure pouch I would love to see them work on polishing the game. Including sounds and speech.
I hope they do that and not work on a new dlc.