More than one reroll for Chest please

As I played longer and got more cards, new cards are becoming very hard to come by. Sometimes I would get multiple redundant cards (those that I have 3 already) but I can’t reroll all of them even though they are completely useless (I can’t play more than 3 of one card in a deck).

It would be nice if I can reroll more than once to try to get the missing cards. I am still missing a lot of common and rare cards and it’s frustrating to keep getting duplicates.

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I think we should be super super happy to have 1 reroll already :smiley:
Having two would make it way too easy. The devs has to make money too :slight_smile:


In this case, I got reroll on the 2 new epic cards but I actually want to reroll the common card that I have 3 of already…

I know it’s a free game so I can’t ask for much, but it’s frustrating when you keep getting duplicate cards, kind of turn me off spending money for chest if I am just going to get duplicates. Normally, I would be lucky to get 1 new card per chest.

What I am about to say applies to a lot of the bitchy threads I have seen lately. (Yours is not so bad, you appear to be nice) but anyways, just because something feels bad doesn’t mean it should be removed or changed.

Allowing a re-roll on any one card (rather than only the one of the highest rarity) would be a nice quality-of-life change that wouldn’t affect the business model in any significant way. I endorse this idea for sure.

Allowing a re-roll on all cards, however, would significantly change the speed at which players acquire full sets of cards, which would hurt the developers’ bottom line, so I see no reason they should or will do that.

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Yeah, I guess one reroll for any one card per chest would be alright. I didn’t know what I wanted. :sweat_smile: Thanks.