Movable Gods and Godly powers

The title already suggests most of what i wanted to talk about… So yeah have any of the developers toyed with the idea of making gods able to move a tile or able to attack an adjecent minion for 1(or 2) cost and for 1(or 2) dmg and of course take dmg themselves in the process…

Atm the gods are just sitting ducks that do nothing, and although it’s kinda funny and ironic. I still think the gods in Faeria should be a little more flexible (pun intended) thanks for the read… That is all.

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Interesting idea!

This would also enable a great amount of new event-cards to be created
“Give your god +1 movement” or “Your god can attack twice this turn”.

Its something to think about, but I am not sure if I would like it. Seems like such a big change that also makes the land placement slightly less usefull (lets say im a rush player and manage to get a lot of land-surface area to the right side of your orb. You can then simply walk away in the other direction with your god).

being able to move 1 slot left or right with god could be funny, but not more.
could add some interaction with range creatures ><

but overall this should be very limited (well, just put taht in pandora for the fun xD)