Movement bug?

As far as I’m aware, this card doesn’t have any movement restrictions so can anyone explain why I’m not able to move forward and attack that battle toad? It pretty much cost me the game on 8-2 in pandora so any explanation would be helpfull.
Just to add, If I remember correctly that piece of land was next to his orb a few turns before this, he had moved it with shifting tide so that’s why I thought it was a bug.

I don’t understand why you wouldn’t be able to attack. Was this the second turn?

Yes. As you can see, there are three highlighted spaces where I am able to move to but the space infront of me where I want to move to isn’t highlighted. It wouldn’t let me move there, I had to move to the side.

It may be a visual bug. But this game does have a few bugs in terms of Pandora treasures, and i can’t fault your screenshot, so you may be right that it is a gameplay bug.

I wonder if You were able to creat a land in that place…it might have been an ocean tile but graphic glitch made it look like a prarie…i had similar situation once but the prarie looked like only half ascended.