Mulligan Change (no more redraws) Thread

Post opinions on the recent mulligan change here if you want to. (

IMHO it would be better not to change it. My opinion previously was this: Same cards from mulligan

Additions to the above opinion:

Early cards will less frequently be played late on average, and vice-versa, resulting in less game variation.

There’s also too many luck-based decks being played already IMHO, and these decks perform better after this change. For example, Fugoro -> Ulani’s Medallion + Multi-Cheese creature (eg Ruby Yak) OTK decks are played occasionally, especially at lower levels. These decks are rarely fun to play against as you either win easily or just suddenly lose without any way to avoid it.

Overall, while it’s not a huge change, I think that this will reduce the skill to luck ratio, when IMHO it needs to be increased instead.

(Also, this isn’t self interest AFAICT - I full-mulligan a lot with my main deck, so this will help me).