Multiplayer 2v2,3v3,4v4, etc

i was just curious as to how many people would be interested in multiple people per match. 2v2, 3v3, FFA? using the small map or a bigger one your choice with friends and what not. it could be a friend only mode but i think that would be hilarious and SUPER fun to get all your friends on one map just bashing each other in the face.


That’s most probably not going to happen any time soon (if it happens at all).
Currently, I’d be against it, for 2 reasons : the current player base is already quite small, and having another game mode would lengthen queue times accordingly. And I’d simply prefer dev team to concentrate on other aspects of the game that are still not finished/not present before the official release of the game :slight_smile:
Afterwards, however, when they have time/money to spend on it and the payerbase has grown, that could be fun ^^

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i would prefer it for lobbies only no pug’s or anything.

What Foxclear said and yeah, I could see having fun with that one, too (even though max. 2v2 for me).

I could see that happen and many other different mode too (for exemple a mode where every Faeria you gather from a well deals 1 damage to your orb), but like Foxclear said, the player base is to small for this right now. Spread the word, Invite people to Faeria. Its the only way to make this game known.

Having just picked up this game from the free Steam giveaway (thanks, by the way!), I would be intrigued to see if casual 2v2 could work, maybe on a board with an extra ring of hexes on it. My brother and I spent a good three, four hours trying different deck builds from the starter/solo options against one another and 2v2 was something we kept coming back to. “Imagine what would happen if… etc.”

It’s certainly not a top priority – I can understand the need to focus on the more important things, like getting the 1v1 game rock solid – but I’d like to see 2v2 in the future!

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2v2 (max) casual games with no rewards.
They can build a partnership with curse voice, and more people will come to play.

I agree that it would probably take quite a bit of developer effort. Not sure how easy it is for them to increase the map size. All the special game map alterations are the same or smaller. Although, they may have done a lot of the non-map work when they added co-op.

But yes, at some stage this would be cool.

There are some issues that crop up even in co-op, though. Communication is pretty important - “can you supply 2 damage on that 5/6?” etc, so if you have team v team you’ll either need premade teams or allow communicating between randoms (with all the issues that entails, like spam and moderation).

Viewing allies’ cards is a possibility.

There’s also a lot of ambiguity in card descriptions. For example, Blood Obelisk says it works whenever an enemy dies in combat, but it doesn’t work during your allies turn. Maybe there would need to be increased formality on mechanics and descriptions.

About coop, they don’t need to build another map. Size OK.
Change the source of faerias to other spots, as they did in coop.
We’re almost there.

King of the hill could be fun - perhaps a 4 player FFA, with an orb in the center. You can put a creature inside it and it stays and earns you faeria each turn until it’s killed (the owner can’t target it while it’s in there). Creatures that kill it replace it transferring kingship to someone else. But yeah, I’m with others - preferring a good 2 player game before other random play modes. Also whatever balance they achieve in the regular game won’t transfer to other play-modes…so not even worth having a ranked 2v2 or FFA mode.


I’m interested in trying new game modes. Would be fun to see more RNG modes. I also want to try Fog of War.

I don’t think a FFA would work: To fight someone you have to spend resources, so if 2 players fight each other then the other players are gaining an advantage, smart players wouldn’t engage. In a FFA the match takes longer, between the last survivors whoever has a very late-game control deck will probably win.

King of the Hill might be able to work. But the hill would need to give enough Faeria to compete with the enemies, and would probably need to deal orb damage as well so it moves the game towards a conclusion.

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Most FFA has that problem. You need a (possibly artificial) reward for fighting - like XP in (FFA) WC3.

Some random ideas:

  • All damage you do to gods you get back in faeria.
  • When you destroy a god you get to keep say 3 of its lands - the rest disappear unless occupied (occupier gets the land).
  • When you destroy a creature or structure a copy is shuffled into your deck. It costs 0 faeria.
  • When you harvest from enemy wells you drain 1 life from that enemy (stolen health can exceed health cap).
  • etc …

i think a coop multiplayer can bost a lot the playerbase