Multiple Ruunins?

Just curious. If you get several copies of Ruunin (through Magda, Time of Legends, Aurora’s creation, etc.), do they keeps track of the +2/+2 buffs indiviually or is there a global counter shared by all the Ruunins?

The thing is, Ruunin reminded me of Hearthstone’s C’thun (a creature that gets buffed while in your deck and hand). The game keeps the C’thun counter in a token, separated from the card itself. That way if you got multiple copies of the card, all of them share the buffs. You can even “buff” (or at least keep track of the buffs) it without you even running the card. The game doesn’t care.
As far as I know, Ruunin works similarly. The game (i think) just keeps track of how many time she died and applies the correspoding buff on the vanilla 4/4. That’s why on-board buffs, debuffs and non-transform silences don’t reset/affect her stats after she returns to the hand. But i dont know if the game would keep track of separate Ruunin instances or just apply the overall counter to all of them. And with her raising popularity, i’d really like to know how this interacion works.

EDIT: i could try and test this myself (and i think i’ll probably try it just for the fun of it), but i dont own neither Ruunin, just Magda. So getting her to give me two Ruunins and being able to kill them in a controlled enviroment without filling my hand to a point where i cant barely play cards nor fatigue may prove challeging XD

Ruunins dont procc each other.
If you play multiple Ruunins they have seperate buffs :slight_smile:

I remember good old C’Thun. Had the most fun with him in my OTK Druid deck.