My 2 cent on UI

some little things must be prioritize ; i will not speak about cards, but the game, the ui, …

  • all the animation must be faster (for real …)
  • an option to stop any screen shake !!! (actually made me slow faeria …) (enable or not button)
  • a way to zoom/dezoom in the collection, be able to see like 4/5/6/7 cards per lines for exemple
  • an option to see the exact full timer per turn (enable or not button)
  • cards whose original imports (like for aurora crea) must be writen when mouse over (a reminder)
  • same for the new land creation (+2/+0), an aura until the end of turn could be easy than just memory

edit : Fischer Clock

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I add :

Calussien, the Storyteller -
I’d like a better game history. In many situations, it doesn’t give you the correct plays from you or your oponent. AND we can’t see the targets. Like if I flame burst a water ele we only see I played a flame burst


Henley -
I think the current shop UI is a little bit clunky.

also, the sky yak could be written how much you pop

i think the algorythm in the mulligan is a bit broken, it’s not just an impression, it’s more of that, too often it give me back the same cards, more often that it should be even in a high number stat
definitevely think there is an issue there

prefer another type of mulligan : you choose wich cards you don’t want, put them a part, draw new ones and then shuffle the “put apart” in the deck

I would also really like to see ui scaling option since I don’t play on a wide screen (1280x1024 res) and the ui is super dense that way, to the point where if I have about 7-9 cards in hand some card info is being blocked by the power wheel, and in general somtimes the ui just can’t fit the screen and it cuts buttons and text.

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