My Balance Suggestions For the Full Release


Feral Kodama
7/7 -> 6/7

Forbidden Library
‘gain 2F, deal 2 damage to yourself’ -> ‘gain 1F, deal 1 damage to yourself’


Shimmering Statue
4 health -> 5 health
Maybe 6 health
Control decks need more options, especially ones that counter mobility.

Radiance, Imperial Airship
10/10, Slam -> 11/11, Taunt
I think Radiance could do with more defensive capability.

Gaea’s Grace
2 Forests -> 1 Forest

Egg of Wonders
3 health -> 5 health

Krog, the Ogre King
Gains Taunt

Devouring Plant
5 health -> 6 health
With the increase in mobility in the game, this card isn’t very good anymore.

Cannon Carrier
2/5 ‘Give ranged to a friendly creature’ -> 3/5 ‘Give a creature ranged’

Volcanic Colossus
Minimum cost 7 -> minimum cost 6.
Maybe drop base to 11 as well.

Ignus, the First Flame
4/4 -> 4/5

Annoying Gnat
2 deserts -> 1 desert

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When people make a big list of balance suggestions without being one of the best and most experienced players in the game, it’s generally a sign that they think they know more than they do… but here, in my opinion at least (not that I’m one of the best/most experienced yet either), you’ve actually touched on a lot of the cards that are not pulling their weight in general use.

Running through your list:

  • Feral Kodama: Agree that 6/7 would be perfect (although a big part of the problem with this card right now is Sagami Huntmaster - if that gets the nerf it needs, 7/7 might be okay)
  • Forbidden Library: What you’re suggesting is actually a buff.
  • Shimmering Statue: 5 health would be good. 6 is a bit too much.
  • Radiance: Agree it needs more defensive capability; 11 attack is not the way to do that. 9/10 with Taunt, or 9/12 without Taunt, would be nice. Unless you’re suggesting an 11/11 with Taunt but no Dash?
  • Gaea’s Grace: This card is good enough already.
  • Egg of Wonders: Probably needs to be 4 mana to be playable in anything except all-out Ogre Dance decks. The buff in health that you suggest would be nice as well.
  • Krog: Great idea, this would be perfect
  • Devouring Plant: Agree; 6HP would be nice
  • Cannon Carrier: Some of the top-ranked red decks do use this guy; he does not need a stat buff - though allowing him to use his own Ranged like you suggest would be a nice quality-of-life improvement
  • Volcanic Colossus: Agree with both of your suggestions. I haven’t seen him in Constructed once since his rework.
  • Ignus: Probably needs more life and less power (e.g. 4/4 -> 4/6, 4 damage effect -> 3 damage effect); the problem right now is not that he’s weak but that he’s unreliable
  • Annoying Gnat: 1 desert doesn’t seem like the right buff since in his current form he is only good in Sacrifice decks anyhow. I’d rather see the malus be “can only gather 1 Faeria per turn” instead of “can’t gather Faeria”.

I personally feel like Kodama is more of the problem but I may well be wrong on that.

Really? 1 damage each turn for the extra faeria seems like a good deal to me. Especially with cards like healing song, Tiki Healer and Wild Avenger.

I get the same inclination, which is why 5 was my main suggestion. I just wasn’t sure whether it would be enough.

Suggestion is 11/11 and with Taunt instead of Slam.

I haven’t any one play it though. Do you think it’s just poorly positioned right now?

Dropping to 4 might be better.

Figured what the card needs is more immediate impact, and taunt also helps make use of it’s stats and ability.

Hmm. I should have a look at these decks then.

I reckon he could probably be 5/6 if he is dropped to three damage.
My thinking with this change is simply giving a little more life would make him more reliable- that could be the wrong approach though, I suppose.

I don’t think it’s really to limit it those kinds of decks, I just think making Gnat a bit better could help those decks to diversify.