My Blue Mid-range

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Hey guys massive legend here, back at it again with the top tier meta OP OP decks (plz nerf abrakam)

Since this is my first serious guide I need to go over a few things.

  1. This deck isn’t top tier (however it has some really good match-ups)

  2. It’s more of a hard-counter list to deal with sillis on ladder or in tournement

  3. I am not the best player and if I make any mistakes with this guide or the deck, please point them out.

Why does this deck exist?

In the current meta, yellow and red have been weakened by the recent patch and slow control decks seem to prosper.
Because of this a good mid-range list should be able to dab on them.

The cards of the deck and their counter parts.

This deck has alotta choices for the slots and I’ll be going over every possible card known to man that could fit into the list.


An excellent cheap body that could clear nearly anything massive.
Swap outs
Baeru could take the spot, if you are seeing alotta red in your meta.

Sunken Tower

Increadibly versatile movement trick that could change the tide of war
Swap outs
Horsemaster could take the spot, if you need the extra boost along with banquet (this is only if snowstorm is swapped out too)

Triton Banquet

The strong back-bone of the deck allowing it to be mobile and in their face

Humbling Vision

An excellent card for dealing with large bodies and getting value trades
Swap outs
Emperor’s Command, you would play this card if you’re seeing more blue and yellow. Or if flower is highly used within your meta.
Or Flying Piranha if red is very non-existant within your meta
Royal Judge if neutral cards scare you or if you just want the protection


It’s broken

Ninja Toad

Excellent game finisher or a fancy wind-soldier
Swap outs
If you want the enchantment build, drop this.


Big boys are scary.


It’s not blue mid without this

Ancient Herald

It’s not blue mid without this

Snowstorm Lancer

Excellent finisher or value machine
Swap outs
Shifting Octopus, Oversky Towship, Enchantment stuff, Water Elemental, Mystic Beast, Sagami Warrior, Grizzly if you’re going hard enchant, Messenger if you’re insane, Tiki Piper if you’re going hard enchant, Axe Grinder, Bloodstone Sprite, Seifer’s Fodder, Exalted Ogre, Imperial Drakerider, War Yak, Royal Judge, Imperial Trooper, Maceman, Lost Explorer, Queen’s Guard, Steamforge enforcer (if you’re insane)

Monstrous Hydra

Excellent Body with ok ablity

Wavecrash Colossus

Excellent Finisher
Swap outs
Baeru, Gabrian Warden (you have to have some BALLS OF STEEL to run this), Orosei.


Just look for things to play turn1 or turn2 mmkay?

Land Placement

Pick a side and go up it, and make the V against rush


As literal hitler said once: Demoralize the enemy from within by surprise, terror, sabotage, assassination. This is the war of the future.
This deck is VERY rare and the cards played in it are rarer, these card will useally never be played around AND will most likely scare the ■■■■ out of the enemy.


Did I steal the format from werfs?
Should I have stolen the format?
What do I do against yellow or red?
Try and go same side to run them over, and if you cannot do this SLAM THEIR FACE IN!
Why are you literally the best player in the world?
Why not?


I am god.