My Creations

Created by Jonathon Morton for the Games Designer application.
Common Control Card:

Currently Blue has the ability to move lands around, but the game has no way of removing lands at the moment. Due to it being a common I didn’t want it to be able to remove Special Lands because that would be pretty overpowered if you could slow down your opponents land progress.

Common Rush/Burn Card:

This card was designed with Flame Spitter in mind. It was originally going to be a 2/1 with Haste for 3, but it probably wouldn’t see play at all. And a 3/1 seemed a bit much, so I went with a 2/1 and gave it Charge 2.

Epic Finisher Card:

This card was quite fun to design, and the flavour of it being a glass elemental due to it being Yellow (Deserts/Sand) and Red (Fire) was something that I thought was quite cool.

Fugoro’s Legendary Card:

I designed this to be like a game swing surprise card for Fugoro, with the idea of countering burn/aggro decks. I’m not sure if 12 mana is fair but I know that Fugoro is meant to be challenging, and planning around this card could be quite interesting.