My endgame study

.This is a puzzle i made which uses a very interesting mechanic to win the game.At first it seems impossible to protect face and the oakfather.I call it “the opposition”.mark solutions with


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Move the Oak land up with tower, then play wild to lock the last land, move up on the forest, use the oradrim monk to move on the desert, kill the middle plant (at the time, your oak will die on the second plant at the next opponent turn). aurora trick the 0/2. You will use it to block one turn more the 19/19 to hold 6 turn and win to deck.

how exactly do you want to block with the windstorm champion.there is no way:the rager just walks straight down to face.tricked creatures cant move on the turn they got tricked

i maybe tho use this idea for another puzzle

I will replace the shrine or idole he choose to kill, i have the mobility, and i have teh time. he need 2 turn to hit the first structure, its the time i need to come back and replace it by bodyblock. try it, it work

Alternately, you don’t block. You use the Oakfather to kill the middle plant like Mayhem described, but instead of using Trick on the Windstorm Champion, you use it on the Battle Rager and punch that into his face.

With 19/19 stats and mill damage, you win that race. You probably win the race even with 7/3 stats, now I think of it…

My solution doesnt work if he go down. I will try find another later. But how do you use trick on a 19/19 ?? i don’t understand that.

rememeber that the puzzle is called “The opposition”

Ya i find it i think. You go down with the oak. Then you trick the 0/2, and move it at the original place of the Oak with the fnatic. then you move the opponent tower up with you own tower. Use the wild growt to lock the last land, then, you can escape from the 19/19 enought turn to let him die to the deck. And that a good oppotition i guess :slight_smile:

correct solution,though please mark the solution with spoiler like that .



Yes, mixed up Aurora’s Trick and Aurora’s Creation.