My feelings about art!

I’ll try to do it as short as i can…

I’m a bit afraid of the way faeria’s art is walking towards… there is an older post about this at the forum

And seeing the recent changes on the artwork of the game, I’m presuming at some point faeria cards will be just 3D ultra-textured images instead of the friendly and kind concept that brings me to the game… Is at the loading screen “art shall fill the world”, and is surprising how amazing the “pastel style” on cards like feed the forest, elderwood hermit, all the pipers, is (just mencionig some among many)

I think the 3D models with elaborated shadows and scenario depth, like the new battle toads and Khalim for example, just don’t fit the game’s atmosphere… And will be some point that the coexistence of these two styles will be so dissonant, that the view must become less enjoyable.

Of course this is my preference about the art style… and is the same as @Sukhurmashu’s. I’m just trying to make the descussion more recent, and maybe more people can join it :smile:
So, see the link, and think about it.

Ps: I alredy sayed how the art of the game is incredible?