My match records (previous balance patch ~ now )

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What did people play?

My opponents played … (463 matches)

  • Y rush (13.6%)
  • R combat (12.1%)
  • Y tempo (11.0%)
  • Some GB decks* (8.6%)
  • GY sac (8.2%)
  • GR crackthorn (6.0%)
  • BR turtle (5.4%)
  • G rush (3.2%)

*GB does not have a standard deck.


I was trying to suggest good & bad match ups between popular decks, but I don’t have enough data to make a meaningful statistics except Y tempo.

Y tempo (120 matches, 68% win rate)

  • vs Y rush (47%)
  • vs R combat (81%)
  • vs GB (91%)
  • vs GY sac (36%)

GOOD : any other decks

BAD : GY sac, Y rush, GB

So-so : R combat


Thanks for sharing! Those should be good matchups? Maybe I misunderstood?

What is BR Turtle? OTK?

I think the data is biased too much. It is not easy to beat r combat and GB with Y tempo in general. That’s why I put the words ‘in my opinion’ in front of good & bad list.

BR turtle is same as BR seven. there are some control-like decks and mid-range-like decks but I just put them into one category. BR turtle usually includes windfall, mochi, tortoise… etc. it is not OTK.

I see, Tosser can counter Chargers so GB definitely is not easy for Yellow Tempo…

Turtle = Tortoise, I was thinking of Aurora’s Disciples.

I think the most popular and strongest ramp decks are similar to this. (Frequent replacements: - stalkers + embraces, -1 whale +1 creation) Last 2 weeks I played yellow tempo a lot. I am not very skillful player and your win rate against GB ramp seems amazing. For me match-up against GB Ramp is very difficult(although GY sac is even worse). I won only if my opponents made rough mistakes or played not the strongest version of GB ramp. Also I feel that Yellow Tempo is small favorite against red combat.

Also fanatics and rangers are very good targets for tossers.

I think so too MrTea. The only reason I won against GB frequently is that my opponents did not play strongest ramp decks.